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June 23, 2010


Every morning I wake up to the following song on my mobile phone:

Jonny Chingas : Automatic Lover

Where ever the phone is, Hobart goes running and sits by it until I come and turn off the alarm. I usually get up and have a tea or a coffee, occasionally I will hit the snooze button but I often find it hard to sleep in unless I am feeling especially lovely.

This morning was a little different to others in that I woke up way way earlier than usual a complete shock of nervous energy. I had such crazy dreams last night and kept getting woken up by people calling me or I don’t know. Maybe it was the cat playing with a giant piece of plastic on the living room floor?!

I made an artichoke and red pepper quiche. What else can you do?

P.S. Can I just come back and add this part – I got a nice email this morning from Emma Balkind. From one Emma to another you are one really special girl. x

OH and if I can also add while the whole office is out watching football at the pub:

1] I was talking to Dora this morning to tell her that I wasn’t going to be around to make fufu. Then I asked her if she thinks I have a curse. She said I am not cursed – I just have a really stupid friend. Then the button on my wrappy denim skirt popped and fell of almost down my thighs in the middle of the street. Christ. Strong Summer Time Look.

2] Then I was just trying to mend my sandals when an appointment walked in the office. Everyone else was gone, I was barefoot and shocked and just realising I had stuck my thumbs to my sandal and my nailpolish was getting ruined as well. Then the appointment [who is a design head at a "highstreet" design led homewares store] realised the football was on and wanted to go and watch it anyway.

October 14, 2007


Wow! Live!

The worst mime ever – on par with Betty Boo. The promo video clip though is pretty cool though.

Jonny Chingas & J-vibe in 1989

I can’t believe that Jonny Chingas who sings Automatic Lover is such a fat ugly cunt! Highlights of this video are the conversation about chrome tape being really good and watching Chingas pick the pilling off his jacket.

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