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November 29, 2007


CHAMBERYZETTE!! OMG the drink of Kings and Pimps like me

So to refresh your memory from yesterday’s post about the greatest song of this week

Chamberyzette – “A vermouth flavoured with alpine strawberries and is dry full flavoured aperitif with unique style.” Totally spiritual and sensual so similar to Snoop Dogg in a silk satin shirt and a voice box handing out his mouth and the Mary Jane Girls caught in their underwear

You Get Me?

Anyway so back to the Chamberyzette: tonight I took Jessie to Andrew Edmunds for dinner cause I missed her birthday the other day. For an apĂ©ritif we decided on the Chamberyzette cause it had a nice name. Then we had an amazing dinner – totally delicious but unfortunately boring boring considering the next piece of news I have to tell you – but Kiera Knightley arrived and sat two tables away. We were there to see the guy she was with present her with a little jewellery box with little dangly ‘diamante’ earrings. It was totally romantic. She had seen them in a shop previously and he was with her and saw how much she loved them. Then he went back another day and bought them. Then Kiera went and tried to buy them herself, but the lady in the store said “OMG I’m sorry I sold them to someone another day” knowing full well that the guy was buying them as a surprise for Kiera. So she put the earrings and and they had a little smooch across the table. And then he was saying something like “I’m going to lie in tomorrow and walk around Stoke Newington. Those earrings make your smile look massive! Like they are extra teeth, they make your teeth sparkle more… You should wear your hair behind your ears to show them more…” They were so cute together. So don’t you feel like you were just like totally right there too?

And I didn’t realise – the Virgin Megastore isn’t even Virgin any more… it is like some name lis Xzanni and all weird. It kind of blew my trip on the way home.

Then my friend Booty called me to talk about Hamburg, Astrology, Spritual stuff and things of a higher plane. What a pimp.

xx Lektrogirl

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