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January 23, 2008


Because two gas men came to inspect all the gas fittings in the house for the landlord I was interrupted in my trail searching Flickr and now I can’t remember how I got here. But check out the great signs for health that have been documented by Elishacookjr. AMAZING.

I love those kinds of posters. These particular ones remind me of a hairdresser in Zurich [that used to be on the same street as "Clit Care" the lesbian sex shop] with a sign outside with all the different kinds of hair styles painted on a board just like this with a number next to them all so you could ask for the different braids and fades. I know, Zurich doesn’t sound really afrocentric does it?

Another odd place to find this kind of signage is in the stairwell of a squat in Dresden. The pictue of the blue one is a bit shit but Lu was starting to get a bit annoyed with me for stopping to take pictures of everything.

This dude looks like he is washing his hands in porridge with radioactive poos on his shirt.

I think that generally there should be more of this posters even here in London. They really are good to tek we yuself and help you avoid diseases that put u onnu bad mind.

xx Lektrogirl

January 16, 2008


I’ve been off work for a week and there are another two weeks to go. What is better to brighten then dark days than some BANGING treats that have come in the mail!?

My postman is unfortunately a really strange looking Fanta Pants. A bit like Ian off Shameless, with super red hair and red skin. I opened the door to him the other morning in my PJ’s and witches hair and saw his skin has not improved since I saw him last. He handed me a little box all the way from Germany – Drx and Olia! What could it be?

An F… Dog of course! What exactly the F… could possibly mean I don’t know. But this is the best USB stick I have been given in my life. [To be fair, it is the only one.] Sadly, there is no loop for a lanyard which is the only fault to find with this product but I shall be so happy to carry him in my Marc Jacobs zip purse in my Marni bag and let him out for a run whenever I need to transfer information.

I’m a little bit horrified by my nails in that picture – but this is all because the grouting is finished.

I just put up all the mosaic tiles. I’m not responsible for the big ones. I have also cleaned the walls about 1000 times to get rid of all the excess grout. That shit gets everywhere.

What I wore clubbing in the 90’s to Rephlex Raves with Nike ACG trainers, camo army surplus jackets, a fluorescent pink Speedo swimming costume, combat trousers and neon eye shadow has become a home decorators stable fashion garment. These tracky-daks were from Primark on Kilburn High Road when there were still IRA bomb stores getting discovered there. The Verve were my next door neighbours and Brian Eno lived a few doors down. Sometimes we’d see Bono popping in to his studio for a visit.

So back to my mail box:

The long awaited 7″ from Mash Gordon released on Les Armees des BonBons – another present from The Fatherland. I was super happy to receive this. I have heard that the guys are recording a new album this year in their Dresden studio. So cool. In summer maybe I will go visit them. I remember when I visited in winter last time – I had my headlights on 24/7. And I don’t mean on a car.

I was also happy to see that Sish-Tick has done the cover for the record. I first saw the work of Sish-Tick when first met Mash Gordon.

Why is it always have such babe hair in photos but in real life it looks like the tail end of a witches broomstick?

And finally BIG UPS TO PAUL GORMAN with his book The Look which documents British Fashion and it’s life with music from all the way back from the 50’s to today. His book has made it to the top 10 books on British Fashion in the Independant.

The Look Blog is also always and interesting read!

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. Watched the Real Life FBI files last night about a serial murderer and rapist. Could help but think of this anti rape condom Covvo sent me the link for.

Oh and how great am I? I blogged about the Australian dude below with the sunglasses that are “too famous” who wrecked his neighbourhood before it was even on the Channel 4 news.

July 27, 2007


OMG – don’t you just sometimes get an email in your inbox at work and think “OMG I wish that was me?!”

Look at what arrived from Lu Weed today! Do you think he gives a shit about the fact there has been no internet connection in his office or getting line sheets together or worrying about how far away hotels are in Milan from an Exhibition Centre and can we even spare the time to go. I would rather be in stinky clothes with a load of cows screaming “SHAKRAH!!!” to the hills.

We were sitting in a car together once outside The Pudel. He was asking me “Why?” and I was saying “Well…”

Lu is from East Germany, and he remembers the day the Berlin wall came down. For him it was a bit confusing and he told me he was a little bit sad because he said to his mother “Does that mean I don’t get the cool letters of with Comics in them from Switzerland any more?”

In fact he told me that shortly after this photo was taken. Which was about the same time I fell over in the leaves and Lu laughed at me and said “C’mon Emma, there isn’t any snow!”

Anyway I’m feeling a bit wistful cause I was supposed to be going with Roxy to Barcelona this weekend but we both have a cold. I would have seen Ramiro in Sitges! Before the month of Fashion Weeks [Paris, London, Milan] I only have one weekend free… I HAVE TO GO SOMEWHERE!! Look for me at some airport near you soon.

I’m miss my mafia friend Livia too!

OMG I forgot to mention – MY BIRTHDAY IN HAMBURG THIS YEAR!! Woo-hoo!! 6th December at the Golden Pudel Fo’ Shordy!!

xx Lektrogirl

May 1, 2007

Lu Weed

Lu Weed

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