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March 21, 2010


Today I:

  • slept in til 10.30pm
  • half made two shirts – one floral with from a pattern and one white from my head
  • made a pavlova that was a fail
  • made a hazelnut and morello cherry loaf that was a win
  • watched shutter island that was pretty dissapointing
  • avoided the black dog for another day

    I’m to start thinking about superfluous hair ladies and gents! Last week’s weather was so fabulous that I felt rather disappointed that today didn’t feel such a waste screwed up on the sofa with a rather hairy little Hobart chilling and watching episodes 11 & 12 of Flashforward that has started again. The WORST SHOW EVER and Joseph Fiennes is really shockingly bad. Still – LOVE IT.

    Of course, a day on the weekend does not pass when I don’t give something a go in the oven.

    Today I made a green tea and white chocolate cake inspired by someone else’s that I didn’t have a real recipe for but I made it up anyway. All in all a fair effort BUT not as banging as the green tea macarons. Tomorrow, I am going to give a green tea pavlova a go. Yes folks you heard it here first. With whipped cream and chopped nuts on top.

    But for now, it is back to the sofa to the HUG A THUG zone.

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