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October 2, 2007


There were loads of poor translations on the menu at this place. We were laughing til crying. This is meant to be sea urchin. Also “deep fried” became “deep freezing”. Wrong.

And here is Bex and Joc in Bagutta. We went here twice. I wasn’t really feeling the food at this place that much to be honest, but I loved the story of the restaurant. Bagutta was a place back in the days that artists, journalists, writers, actors and creative types met. Then they decided that they would meet there regularly each week for meetings. Then they decided that anyone who couldnt make the meeting should be fined. Then they decided that the fine should be used as a literary award for the favourite book of each year. So the Bagutta is the first Italian literary award. All over the walls in the restaurants are pictures for the awards, but also pictures painted by the different artists who ate there which the owner of the restaurant accepted as payment and all the people present would sign it. Down another wall was the winner of the Bagutta each year going back to the 20’s or 30’s. Amazing. The artwork was beautiful. I loved it.

And this was the last thing I ate in Milan. It was fucking gross.

I have to stop here: I am listening to Paul DJing on React FM with DJ Magic. It is all over the fucking place. Some good tunes, but a really awkward mix between them. It is hurting me.

Fortunately then, I got to go. I am meeting Prancehall and ASBO at a secret location in North London for the possibility of hosting parties in our neighbourhood. Prancehall has already asked if there will be a full write up on my blog saying “XXCENSOREDXX is a fucking cunt. But I promised I won’t take any pictures unless someone pukes.


xx Lektrogirl

OH GOD… Now on the show Brains is playing that stupid Won Ton remix with the lamest chorus ever. IN BRAINS FAVOUR he played me some awesome new tunes round at his house today. Really brilliant.

September 28, 2007


Opened in 1924, this trattoria, Bagutta, is where the first Italian literary award was founded.

By “1926 become a meeting place for writers, painters and journalists. One evening they decided, for the fun of it, to introduce a system of fines. From then on, anyone who arrived late, missed a meeting, or abandoned the company at table for a lady-friend, had to pay a fine. One evening, Orio Vergani, a journalist who had already made a name for himself, and was to become very well-known indeed, said: “All right. I’ll pay my fine, But why don’t we set this money aside and then use the lump sum for a fund to be devoted to the author of the book we like best?

Not only is Bagutta full of momentos from this time, it also is decorated ceiling to floor with the most incredible paints from Italian painters who also joined the writers tables.

Trattoria Bagutta Via Bagutta 14 20121 Milano
Zona Centro ( P.zza S.Babila)
Tel: 02/76002767 fax 0245471401
Tel: +39 3929198934
solo per prenotazioni sms


Milan is very beige grey and black. And when I’m walking past people do stare at what I’m wearing. I forgot what that was like once I left Tasmania. I made Brains laugh the other day saying that I was so cool I stopped clocks when I went past cause I’m telling them what time it is.

Today I was in the cab going back to the hotel and out of the window was an Australian flag. It made me cry.

xx Lektrogirl

MILANO III [Party Time]

How many coffees? Not sure, but they all look as good as this:

Food like this:

Art like this:

Friends like this:

Make friends in any language – teach them something new.

Happiness like this [ITALO WILL NEVER DIE]

Party like this:

After going to some PIGMAG party, running ino Kesh of all people, watching glitter tape fall from the sky, seeing Sarah from Colette, dancing to tunes and meeting loads of funny Italians ["You are more Rock and Roll than them, No?" [my new boyfriend...]] and trashing Roxy’s room after raiding three mini bars, there is only one thing left to say:

xx Lektrogirl

September 27, 2007


There isn’t really a lot to say about Milan other than it rains a lot, the people are friendly, there is a guy who is cute who does the security to our area at WHITE, but when you look at him face on, maybe he is looking at your friend: he is really boss eyed. I have had a lot of boyf’s tell me that they find that sexy in a girl. Can’t say I share the predeliction. [spelling]. <--- HAHAHA JO APPS remember LAP TOP FACE/?!! I'm sitting in my hotel room at the desk in from of a big mirror checking my own laptop face - I look amazing of course.

Tonight KH has booked us a table at some restaurant that is meant to be the best fish place in town. She also booked us in there on Saturday as well. Last night was a pretty awesome joint we found by accident and I had apple sorbet for dessert. COUNTRY APPLE. That was a joke for ANTOINE CATALA. Nameless – we also have something about that too, but the one with Antoine was funnier.

Everything feels like a weird dream here – not helped by the fact I had a giant whiskey sour with Roxy after work today.

xx Lektrogirl

September 26, 2007


Well after the first day in Milan that seems like it stretched for eternity – I was up at 4am… – we arrived, it pissed with rain, we got cold, wet and grumpy, then went shopping for warmer clothes. In the meantime I saw and video taped loads of neon lights that Paul and I might use for our new video we are working on and homeless beggars with weird limbs that I couldn’t look at properly without feeling sick.

More from me later. Plus pictures.

xx Lektrogirl

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