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May 5, 2010


In Melbourne now. Last night I spent some time moviong furniture and plugging in a ventilator machine for my post op mother and auntie. One can’t lift and the other is in a wheel chair. I wish they had both had mouth ops because they both had far too much to say for women who weren’t doing the work

My hotel is actually a serviced appartment. I could bake a cake in here today if I wanted to. I sure feel like it. But I’m staying in Fitzroy – food central – and I have already seen one amazing looking spanish deli and read about another.

Now I’m waiting for the original Lady Gang to come pick me up – Elissa from Art School. Its going to be hilarious.

October 26, 2009


Tomato Festival

I got so sick, so often, I had to have my tonsils out. But when I was younger and had a week I was sick off school with tonsillitis and had to take strong antibiotics. On the last day I got my period. I was traumatised. I blamed it on the medication. I cried and cried. Why did this have to happen to me? I didn’t want it to happen. I hated it. The blood coming out from between my legs, I was so ashamed. Pulling my knickers down and seeing the blood, knowing that I could be fertilised one day now made my heart rise in my throat and the weight of the universe rest on my shoulders. A cold fist. My mother showed no sympathy. Why should she? Her mother died when she was 14.

At dinner time we all sat at the table and my mother banged a huge saucepan full of unstrained tomato soup on the table. The seeds were all swimming around. I wanted to vomit. But I could not leave the table until I had finished.

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