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May 31, 2010


If I make quickly take this opportunity to quickly correct my last post – I couldn’t have got it more wrong – Jess’ movie is called “THE DUST NEVER SETTLES” and I loved it. The music was by The Dirty Three and Hobart who was asleep next to me was twitching the whole way through – she must have felt the fingernails down a blackboard vibes from me – but the images of Australia and the characters Jess & Spenny met included in the film are great. All the shots of the world passing by from their moving vehicle reminded me of being a really little girl looking out the window of my Dad’s Ford as we drove around Australia.

I don’t know if Jess has a website or any links or anything anywhere – a google search turned up nothing – but I will try and fish around for more when I see her on Tuesday at work.


August 12, 2007


Will Ferrell on ice. OH MY GOD. DVD of Blades Of Glory came out last Monday.

Like my favourite movie ever. EVER. EE VV EE RR.

xx Lektrogirl

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