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October 12, 2010


A Flickr stream devoted to pictures of band names and titles of songs from around the world put together by two dudes. I have only met one of the dudes in some pub in Borough one night. I liked him immediately because he name starts with the letter E.

Anyway here are a couple of pictures that explain the site quite well:

michael jackson

“Michael Jackson”

Electric Six

“Electric Six”

George Michael

“George Michael” [Not feeling so free right now I guess]

Etc Etc

If you want to see the lot, check out all 300+ pictures and counting here.

August 23, 2010


A weekends’ work is never done in just one weekend so I have taken a large portion of this morning to finish up what I wish I had time for between Friday night and early Monday morning. I feel justified cause last night I had a dream I was at work and was docking everyone’s wages because they all stopped working at 4.30pm every day to play cards or mess about with video editing software and I refused to pay them for the privilage. I was roasting tomatoes on giant baking sheets and one of the girls was saying to me “But it’s already 5 o’clock” and I was saying resolutely “But you finish at 6…”

This dream seemed like it when for hours so I am just recouping a little of what I lost by creating a public figure page for Hobart on Facebook [want to be her friend? You know what to do]

I went to the doctor this morning and she got blood out of me like she did it every day. Last time I went to the nurse it was really traumatic and I was lying on the lino about to faint crying after he tried three times in the backs of my hands and got nothing. I wanted to puke over that actually. Then that night I went out with He-Man for Japanese food for dinner. I took him to Chisou on Princes Street off Hanover Square and we had LOVELY stuff.

This weekend coming up, we are going to P.A.R.I.S.


Oh and I forgot to mention Venom was around on Saturday with a music pal and with God Of Manly Love Personified the three of them got on like a house on fire [or like a bottle of lube in a Gay Bar] making a track together. It was so lovely. I practiced my Cantonese homework in the bedroom only getting up to mix them another round of cocktails and check they werent all fingering one another they were getting on so well and went back to my bedroom to vibe with all the friendly testosterone in the living room. Hobart loved it too. Then on Sunday coming back from The Dove which had great beer but weird air, I did a little strip show and took my knickers off from under my dress to cheer my pal up. A little bit of sauciness always works.

July 4, 2010


As illustrated by the picture above, I have done the best I can to cleanse myself after two hours of tennis ON BOTH COURTS [or pitches as Madame a calls them], a modern music freestyle performance by Joe, Due and I on trumpet, flute and vocals and then a greasy relax-o-thon spread out on their bedroom floor getting lathered in moisturiser. I put my foot down when the lipstick came out. Just as well as I had to wipe myself with tissues before I could get on the tube and cut a knot out of my hair post braiding.

Our song was pretty spiritual and like a calling to the feral within for all of us. The lyrics are:

Duke… Put your heels on mate! Don’t choke on it! Slipped Wig! Bow tie! Splendour!
Thunder and Lightening, Storm, Australian Delirium!

Which all makes perfect sense if you can keep up with 8 year old twins and a 37 year old who keeps changing her age.

Madame took pictures. I can only imagine. [Check them out on Madame's blog] Oh Christ! Sometimes the two of them amaze me. I was describing a pretty skin crawly scenario that happened to me recently saying to Joe “Can you imagine anything worse?!” and he just said back “Don’t imagine it! It’s real!” [Thanks Joe, rub it in! Truss me systahhh SO REAL.] and Duke over his shoulder while playing Mario Kart “Yes it’s real. Get over it!” [And there was Madame and I snorting into our star etched glasses of Cava courtesy of Mrs Kipling who had vamoosed earlier.]

Next time I go over I might take my 4 track and the three of us can record the session. But I think I will skip the hair treatment. No offence Joe, even though I think a clip on rats tail on the side of my head is a strong look for summer.

September 29, 2009


J’ai entendu cette chanson pour la première fois alors que j’étais encore petite fille, et elle a provoqué des trucs qui s’appelaient “le désir”, “la luxure” et “un chagrin d’amour”. C’était la première fois que je ressentais ces émotions d’adultes, et ça m’a donné envie de briser des coeurs à mon tour – tellement fort que ma victime se saisirait de sa guitare pour chanter des trucs sur moi. Si quelqu’un m’envoyait cette chanson, je saurais qu’il m’appartient à la vie à la mort.

In other news, look how the girls dance around him like cannibal around a boiling pot in the jungle.

September 22, 2009



August 15, 2009


Stern Look, originally uploaded by Lektrogirl.

Went out last night and can’t work out why I had such a bad hangover this morning? If anyone can give me any clues, please let me know.

The Cardinal with her death babe looks as per usual looking amazing even in the ropiest of basement clubs. At first, we thought this was the bar:

I hadn’t been out in ages and saw quite a few people it was lovely to say hello to! I even got to catch up with the great Australian hero, Harry Butler

Admittedly he had lost the desert boots and khaki hot pants and acquired a more modern look and was looking great for his age, but he was still “the snake whisperer.” Even on the busy dance floor.

The was some DJ who played before Louise Enchante who was awesome. I dunno who he was – kind of regular looking – and his technical vibes were not great but his music selection was the first interesting set I heard in ages. Melodic chord progressions so beautiful. If we didn’t have the self imposed home time of 1am [which we already stretched to 2am] I probably would have wanted to stay longer.

Urgh but I did see that prick XXCENSOREDXX on the way out. He admitted to being responsible for writing all the anonymous shit comments on my blog a couple of Christmases ago that ended up hurting his so called friends my ex and his new girlfriend more that it did me. What a douchebag dickhead. And people wonder why I think he is such a jagoff. I got to give him credit though – he looks like he has lost some weight. His thighs were finally thinner than mine.

On more intellectual matters, there was a lot of talk last night about SLOW HOUSE. What a concept, playing records on a speed different to which they were manufactured! Who knew! I spoke to Louis Enchante and I was excited to hear that Paul B Davis was invited to spin at Top Nice forever now for “Slow Hour” – the final hour or so at Top Nice. Even though when Paul and I lived together it was tough times, some of the best times were Living Room Disco when playing records and messing about with music was priority. It was great trying out stuff together and hearing him mix things and offering him records to try ideas out with and seeing what he would combine with it or I would be playing some Library music bizzo and he would pull out Robert Armarni Circus Bells. Top Nice “Slow Hour” is going to be awesome. I just hope Paul cracks out the Melodica once in a while. [Shit I haven't said so much nice stuff about Paul in one paragraph in a long time!! It must be because he is normal and funny again after breaking up with his girlfriend.]

Anyway – it wouldn’t be a good day without another picture of Hobart for everyone’s perusal.

In the cab home last night The Cardinal really let me know how much she hates the cat’s name. “Oh…. it is so unfeminine and doesn’t suit her. It is just too masculine and you really have to change it.” I threatened to change her name to Turps. Cards said in that case I should leave it at Hobart. How could she say these things about my little cobber Hobart? I thought she was a boy…

xx Lektrogirl

May 14, 2008


OBSESSED with this video of Amii Stewart performing Knock On Wood live and considering the possibility of learning all the dance moves. AMAZING top half to the dress. Don’t think much of the handkerchief hem weighted down with gold tassels. I didn’t really realise what Pop music was when I was little but I do remember my cousins who were all older than me arguing over a record and whos turn it was to play what song – it was some green vinyl compilation. Then I saw the video to this song with Amii Stewart and all the Fairlight CVI effects [an Australian invention just so you know] thinking it was so amazing. And then my cousin Sally Ann and I working out dance routines and writing the moves out on large pieces of paper and practising them for hours.

xx Lektrogirl

March 4, 2008


Original track by Rephlex / Micromusic / Lektrolab artist Lektrogirl made from recycled data and original data in 2008. Booyah. http://blog.lektrogirl.com

February 5, 2008


So I just ate a muffin with the Confiture de Châtaigne I brought back from Paris ages ago from the little place at the back of the market who’s name I forget right now quite shittily. Châtaigne are sweet chestnuts. I just had an online conversation with Deano about The Wombles and did they eat chestnuts. I felt really guilty for getting him involved in such a twee and ridiculous conversation when I don’t care so much anyway. The confiture however – is INCREDIBLE.

We also had a brief conversation about T2 – he sent me the link for this:

I don’t think he will be spinning it any time soon. Nor me. I liked Heartbroken.

It says in the description for ‘Gonna Be Mine’ that the two girls, Addictive are 20 and 21. I don’t believe it. One of them looks as old as me. The one with the silver boob tube. The thing I like about this kind of music is that 1] it is a distraction from wanting to go back to the kitchen and eat another muffin and 2] it kind of reminds me of 2Unlimited except for 2008 – like after it got rung through the drawers of like 50 Cent after he sweated it out on stage doing ‘In Da Club’ or something. I remember when Pure Groove was the UK Garage shop in North London instead of the white leather belt hipster zone that is is today and being on a train with EDMX and Nick from Rephlex making jokes about speed garage. If I was still in pleasant conversation with Nick, that must have been years ago. [Long before I claimed the mechanicals due to me from the company which didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped.]

See another 5 minutes have passed and I didn’t eat more confiture.

Here is another blast from the past. Nervous Stephen gave this to me for my birthday one year. Well from the message on the back I guess he missed my birthday by a week. I found this and decided to put it on the wall again. I used to date Stephen you know [also a long time ago].

This picture is another birthday picture. I picked it up in Hamburg last time I was there and I will frame it and put it somewhere in the house. I used to have a framed mirror printed with Rocky on it above the toilet but it used to put all the guys off peeing so I had to move it. I won’t put this in the loo OR in the bedroom I guess.

Behind this postcard is part of a Paperrad silkscreen that is meant to be cut into business cards for some art fair in Miami. I love it so much cause Dracula is on his lap top. That is the best part. The postcard in front is the best postcard and piece of New Media Art ever. I bought it on Tottenham Court Road.

Of all the more interesting things I could post on Gumtree, I was considering posting a wanted ad for a 160cm square piece of vintage floor vinyl or set of Dalsouple rubber tiles. [That is only 5 tiles!] It is for my bathroom. If anyone has anything like that, let me know. Or if you have a link to a website for a dealer specialising in vintage floor vinyl please give it up!

xx Lektrogirl

January 16, 2008


I’ve been off work for a week and there are another two weeks to go. What is better to brighten then dark days than some BANGING treats that have come in the mail!?

My postman is unfortunately a really strange looking Fanta Pants. A bit like Ian off Shameless, with super red hair and red skin. I opened the door to him the other morning in my PJ’s and witches hair and saw his skin has not improved since I saw him last. He handed me a little box all the way from Germany – Drx and Olia! What could it be?

An F… Dog of course! What exactly the F… could possibly mean I don’t know. But this is the best USB stick I have been given in my life. [To be fair, it is the only one.] Sadly, there is no loop for a lanyard which is the only fault to find with this product but I shall be so happy to carry him in my Marc Jacobs zip purse in my Marni bag and let him out for a run whenever I need to transfer information.

I’m a little bit horrified by my nails in that picture – but this is all because the grouting is finished.

I just put up all the mosaic tiles. I’m not responsible for the big ones. I have also cleaned the walls about 1000 times to get rid of all the excess grout. That shit gets everywhere.

What I wore clubbing in the 90’s to Rephlex Raves with Nike ACG trainers, camo army surplus jackets, a fluorescent pink Speedo swimming costume, combat trousers and neon eye shadow has become a home decorators stable fashion garment. These tracky-daks were from Primark on Kilburn High Road when there were still IRA bomb stores getting discovered there. The Verve were my next door neighbours and Brian Eno lived a few doors down. Sometimes we’d see Bono popping in to his studio for a visit.

So back to my mail box:

The long awaited 7″ from Mash Gordon released on Les Armees des BonBons – another present from The Fatherland. I was super happy to receive this. I have heard that the guys are recording a new album this year in their Dresden studio. So cool. In summer maybe I will go visit them. I remember when I visited in winter last time – I had my headlights on 24/7. And I don’t mean on a car.

I was also happy to see that Sish-Tick has done the cover for the record. I first saw the work of Sish-Tick when first met Mash Gordon.

Why is it always have such babe hair in photos but in real life it looks like the tail end of a witches broomstick?

And finally BIG UPS TO PAUL GORMAN with his book The Look which documents British Fashion and it’s life with music from all the way back from the 50’s to today. His book has made it to the top 10 books on British Fashion in the Independant.

The Look Blog is also always and interesting read!

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. Watched the Real Life FBI files last night about a serial murderer and rapist. Could help but think of this anti rape condom Covvo sent me the link for.

Oh and how great am I? I blogged about the Australian dude below with the sunglasses that are “too famous” who wrecked his neighbourhood before it was even on the Channel 4 news.

April 16, 2007

Misery Loves Company

Pippa, my ex-boss and singer in All About Eve Babitz, was asking me one day about resizing the original picture of Eve Babitz and Marcel Duchamp she found off the internet for print:

So when I told Pippa that it wouldn’t be possible and she should re-photograph the picture with her and James it didn’t think much more of it. I said it as a semi serious joke and low and behold they went and did it!

Check out this amazing photo by Sarah Lee.
It is now the cover of the CD Misery Loves Company by All About Eve Babitz.

Brains and I call the music “adult contemporary” and it certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea [or sneaky glass of Blush from the Three Greyhounds] but some of the songs I really like. You can hear them on the All About Eve Babitz MySpace page.

xx Lektrogirl

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