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May 14, 2007

Really my worst nightmare!


Last night I had a real nightmare! ASBO D was smooching with me in my old room at my mothers house. But they way he was kissing was horrible – he just was pressing his lips over my mouth and not moving and I couldn’t breath. Then he was trying to feel up my tits in front of my mother. Fortunately I realised I was just dreaming when in the dream I had something in my hand that didn’t feel at all kosher – if you get my meaning – so I knew I didn’t have to be embarressed in front of my Mum. But please I don’t think I can handle another dream like that. It really freaked* me out.

xx Lektrogirl

* I don’t mean “freaky” with a Rick James / any Dance Mania kind of interpretation. I really mean it like The Blair Witch Project.

Just to cheer myself up. But OMG – I never saw this video before. I don’t think there is a lot freaky about a chinese girl flicking her witches hair around like a horses tail.

Let’s get Rick James in this room, totally wacked out on whatever, singing with these freaks. Also note – what an awesome mix on the New Dance Show in this clip!! Booyah!!

March 27, 2007

Self proclaimed new media artist.

I have said it often enough, and so in lieu of anything more eventful happening today other than Nick phoning me at work to say that the SEO report he sent over no-one had responded to him yet, here are some examples of the work I do.

EROTIC [view online here]
YouTube Triptych with midi file. Original Video work of artist.

It didn’t take much egging on to enter this into a Wimmins Film Festival recently that were looking at alternate ways of treating video. The account I created to host these videos on YouTube “brendanthecat” receives quite a lot of interest with people sending me notes on how they would like me to shoot the next lot of videos. I would say these guys have spent more time checking the videos than the film festival lot.

Erotic was the second piece like this I created, the first one uses found YouTube videos online. Unfortunately the javascript crashes most browsers so big up yourself if you are using OSX Firefox with blah blah shitsville. This next work is optimised for PC’s running Windows XP Home Edition view in IE. [And even bigger and genuine up if it doesnt work cause you are running and iMac with OS9.2]

MY WORST NIGHTMARE [view online here]
YouTube Triptych with javascript.gif display. Found Video work.

This piece is inspired by Werners Head Shop on the Langstrasse in Zurich, kids that play with hacky sacks, and Spanish kids with dreads.

Some other less cool but more recognised internet / new media art projects I have worked on are:

MICROTEL a teletext television station which ran from an art gallery in Rotterdam during the film festival there. View here.

DA MYSPACE HUSTLERZ a project created for Michael Connor’s exhibition My Friends Electric at Sonar last year. View here.

xx Lektrogirl

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