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March 25, 2008


Well I’m guessing that there wasn’t a lot going on for anyone over the Easter break cause come Saturday, my webstats were through the roof! Thanks for stopping by!

The ‘result’ of my long weekend is that I have a cold and spent yesterday in bed with Season 4 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation DVD’s [the LA one] and then got a total of 3 hours sleep last night. Today I am in my PJ’s listening to the Mr Martelo mixes he sent me chilling out in front of the heater. Cardinal is going to be excited to learn that I have to have a section of my wall ripped out to mend some damp and re-plastered just like her and I can’t wait to discuss the details with her.

I was also happy to read that Manara had said in one of her Flickr descriptions that I have a beautiful house

A shame that everything in the picture came from IKEA.

A trip to IKEA is more fun that a Racine / Wendy James gig any day of the week however. Last week or so I went with Pippa / Max / Paul Gazz / Caz / Jazz to the Bloomsbury Bowls to check out Wendy James’ band. I have to say it was pretty shockingly bad. Had she chosen her band to be the same age as her I think the show would have been more convincing. Sadly the show looked like a bit of a weird Whatever Happened to Baby Jane scenario. And none of the songs were dope.

I heard some really ‘dope’ songs on Sunday night when I went to GO BANG! at East Village on though. I was going to save writing about it until my sub-editor Alex T told me how to spell Nadia Kasaiba correctly but I was so happy I went out that I can’t resist writing soon. I’m sure that next time Alex has eaten a kebab he will be more than happy to breathe the after effects all over me and tell me about my shitty spelling. As per usual I had some spiritual moments with Alex as we discussed the universe. I cried AGAIN! [I know!!!] Which could either be the subject matter of the conversation OR the number of drinks I had consumed. My drink of choice was Malibu and Pineapple. Steph called it ‘The Summertime Ho’ but I think a better name for it is ‘The Sweat’. I was also very happy to meet Alex’s friend Amph who guessed I was 26 years old. I’m gonna guess he really thought I was about 29-30 and was being nice. Even so, he will be getting a Christmas card from me this year.

OMG. I just went to Flickr to get another picture to put online and you know what it said to me?

O HAI Lektrogirl!
Now you know how to greet people in Lolspeak!

Errr I don’t think so. I think Flickr just overstepped the mark there.

I got a ‘zimce’ [German for SMS] on my ‘handy’ from Mrs Vanderbilt in Berlin today. I miss them like crazy already. We went to Canteen the other day before they left and it was pretty terrible.

Bachelor Food. And the waiter didn’t find it funny when I asked him what his problem was that they didn’t have soya milk for a latte.

Oh this was cool: My nephew Tom who is two and I have this really amazing joke.

It is pretty complicated and esoteric so if you don’t get it, I kind of understand. Basically it works like this: I go up to him and say “What’s that smell?” and he thinks for a minute and then says “It’s me!!” Then we both crack up laughing. It even works over the telephone. It is a really great joke. In a few more years I will teach him a little more toilet humour and lesbian jokes. Anyway Tom is really into Cars and loves being a Jedi [Mum... Can you love a Jedi?] even though he has never managed to stay awake through one entire Star Wars movie.

xx Lektrogirl

March 23, 2008


I was just browsing the dickride.com forum for the first time in a while and I came across this post from DJ Guy called DJ TRAINWRECK. I followed the links and came across this beautiful piece of text:

The Worst Mixtape Ever

Back when I lived in Houston I had a radio show on the local college station (KTRU). The show was called “MKUltra”. It was on Friday nights, and I played mostly electronic music. I had a lot of guest djs for the show in those days… local talent like Andrei Morant, Abiel, Chris Anderson & Tim Xavier would often drop by.

Listeners and local scenesters would sometimes mail me their mixes, and sometimes I’d air them. If I really liked it, I would have them come in and do a live set.

In the summer of ‘99 I got a mix in my mailbox at the radio station. It came recorded on a dubbed over dictasette, and was enclosed with a short note. This is one of the worst mixtapes I have ever heard. It is so horrifically bad that I listened to it non-stop that summer.

1999 was a rough year for me. My mom was fighting cancer. My girlfriend had just broken up with me. I hated my job. And I was depressed. But that summer, this mixtape took my mind off all that crap. And it made me think: no matter how bad things got, it couldn’t get any worse than this mix.

They say a good dj is supposed to make you feel things you haven’t felt before. To play music you haven’t heard before. And to hopefully play music in a context that is new. Unexpected. Fresh.

If so, then this may be one of the best mixes I know of. Each time I listen to it I hear things I’ve never heard before. And I feel things I normally don’t feel when I listen to music. Irritation, disgust, mild pain. Occasionally hope (when some mixes appear almost over). Anger (when they come back).

But mostly, this tape clears my mind of all life’s daily clutter. When I’m feeling a little down, I pop this in and jam out. So mad props to you dj Trainwreck. Unfortunately, I never did get you on the show. I moved away from Houston before that could happen. But thanks for the tape. And know that it was definitely heard.

I’ve been meaning to encode this tape for the last 5 years. I finally got around to it, and now I’m sharing it with you.

Sept. 2004

You can follow this link here and download the mix and listen to it as I am now right at this second as I type.

It is incredulous that Sandeep managed to listen to this mix all the way through, let alone more than once.

And yes, even I am a better DJ than DJ Trainwreck.

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. Nadia Kasaiba sent me a mixtape once mentioning in the attached note there were a few train wrecks. There was only one and that was just kind of funny – not at all agonising. I listened to that mixtape frequently while doing housework.

July 31, 2007


So, after watching CSI, I’ve looked onto AIM to check who around can confirm that it is Nadia Kasaiba in Heat magazine’s SPOTTED section, reading Heat, with Peaches Geldof. You can’t see much of Nadia’s face, which is a shame cause I think she is way better looking than Peaches [don't get sad Peaches, I just prefer brunettes]. I remember watching Bob Geldof on TV talking about tripping when he was in the Boomtown Rats and seeing a nail on the wall and wanting to smash his forhead onto the nail and feel the coldness of the nail in his skull and being glad that he didn’t do it. Anyway, so I was trying to find out if Peaches Geldof is a knob. My source tells me that “Peaches Geldof is just an 18 year old.” I heard they only want you when you’re seventeen and when you’re twenty one you’re no fun.

TECHNOHEAD: I wanna be a hippy

I just looked at Sultans of Ping videos on YouTube but they were too painful to post.

MC TUNES AND 808 STATE: Tunes Splits the Atom

In this era, British fashions were amazing. If anyone knows what MC Tunes is doing now, do tell. I can only image that he was stinking of cigarettes and beer at this video shoot cause he looks like he should and he is doing that thing that reddy haired people do and wear a lot of khaki colours [while he crushes punks like pimples - looks like he was a professional in his teens btw with his complexion.] And just for your personal interest, I can actually spit this whole song. I didn’t realise I remembered all the words. I’m a winner me. Once in Paris with DJ Guy we were so drunk we got on the mic and he started ranting about someone called Bumhole [he didn't realise that actually is was Bobmo] and I started doing Ice Ice Baby and forgot halfway through the first line. But I’m good at that one. Then we got bored and played football with a discarded scrunchy and the goals were spotlights on the floor. What was I saying about 18 year old’s being knobbers? I take that back…

xx Lektrogirl

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