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September 7, 2009


You are possibly the most hideous person I have had the misfortune of knowing and I knew right from the second I met you that you were vile.

Speaking of other mean girls, after trying to walk the kitten on a lead [that is to say get the collar on her and drag her on her side to the back door with it] Hobart has decided payback comes in the form of clawing my new rug which I just rolled out about 15 minutes ago. All the bushels of wool that she is digging up she chews up. My payback will be laughing when she coughs up a fur ball. Then her payback will be my broken heart as I sit and watch her all stressed and worried that I have to call the Pet Ambulance. And when she is okay again I will feed her some THRIVE freeze dried shrimps.

I had a funny evening this evening with Mr 40something who had obviously had a very boozy lunch and was telling me how life was so horrible and depressing and stressful. He also said that I did nothing but take the piss out of him. But that I was also the person who was the most polite and respectful to him as well. [Aussie humour.] Then he asked me if I wanted a glass of wine. Worried he might have a sex den in his basement I said that he was welcome to bring the wine upstairs. He said he would be 5 minutes. After 35 I finished what I was doing and went home. Poor fella. He had splits in the crotch of his pants where they had worn through.

Oh – and Lady Gang alert – I’m double dog baby sitting with Mrs Kipling on Saturday night at the most luxurious flat in town. Anyone else want to come and watch the Nollywood channel and polish of a few bottles of something? The Booyah Cook may or may not make an appearance. Depends how much we want Pizza instead.

xx Lektrogirl

August 23, 2009


The man in the red East 17 woollie has fluid delivery of his lines.
And wait until you see the wife not knowing what they will do.

And the knitted stripy demon outfit!

xx Lektrogirl

August 10, 2009


The way Mr Ibu grabs this woman’s leg going on about hot tottie I find really disturbing. I know I have post this video before, but it reverberates in my mind.

And, along with that, please take a moment to view the many faces of Mr Ibu.

And another trailer “where everybody dey mad”.

xx Lektrogirl

April 23, 2009


Vogue 1944 , originally uploaded by myvintagevogue.

What a lovely few days, I have had bare legs every single one of them. Some man stepped on my foot last night in Soho though and left a nasty bruise but never mind.

I have been neglecting my blog I’m sad to say – computer tan vs sun tan?

BUT on the other hand, when there are gems like Mr Ibu on the internet doing the Biggie Biggie rap…

And there is this one “I’m Not Stupid” that cannot be embedded. COOL.

xx Lektrogirl

April 13, 2009


Tonight I’m at Mrs Kipling’s in the well appointed spare room with ensuite. Usually I would be rolling around taking pictures in the nude but I’m not sure it would be ‘right’ for Mrs K & Co to check their RSS feed and see my bare bum in more places than necessary through their home. Besides, there is something not quite right with me: it’s a cross between feeling like The Frenchman doesn’t love me and manufacturing a self fulfillinf prophecy. I don’t know why.

Anyway to feel better – Mrs K and I both have our woes – we ate spaghetti bolognaise, danced to ABBA til we were clutching our tummies with laughter and shaken-up-dinner-aches, made dog love to Frieda, watched some Nigerian TV about Twoface visiting a motherless baby hostipal and then made a string of Twin Brothers jokes until we got too tired and had to go to bed.

And dat’s de bottom line! Hmm! Hmm!

Xx Lektrogirl

March 1, 2009


A movie not to be missed.

And for the ladies

xx Lektrogirl

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