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October 12, 2010


Q. How many geeks can you fit in one room?
A. Well can someone Google it for me?

Actually that isnt a real joke, I just made it up then. The real answer probably has something to do with bandwidth as well multiplied by LOLCats brb ygm.

…Check out this cool video [OMG Jurij is getting GIGANTIC now] that I got off Olia’s FB page.

This reminds me I miss the olden days of my life sometimes. And I dont get tomorrow off anymore so I miss out on making cakes for TeaandCake

October 11, 2010


Well if you never saw Olia, you might believe me for a second. This isn’t Olia though. Olia is a completely different awesome Russian babe who also is a New Media Art expert like the lady in this video. I am not sure if Olia “can” play guitar.

July 10, 2008


Another great project that has come to my attention today is DAS WEB 1.0 PROJEKT by Michael Ruß. I was directed to check it out by my friend who can pour Vodka onto a knife and in with another drink so they don’t mix together, Olia Lialina. You can read her post about DAS WEB 1.0 PROJEKT here.

As Olia says “It’s a pity that the demand for a more colorful, personal web can
again not be met.”

xx Lektrogirl

May 6, 2008

WEB 2.0

Oh yeah! And on other matters of the heart, I’d been talking to someone recently trying to explain briefly what the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 is – as it is something very dear to me. Anybody interested in New Media Art or who wonders WTF I have such a giant ‘coolection’ [not a spelling mistake Alex T] of animated .gif files should have a read. Dad – you should read these too instead of coming to my website looking for pictures of boobs.

A Vernacular Web by Olia Lialina [Web 1.0 shits]

Vernacular Web 2 by Olia Lialina [Web 2.0 shits - with glitter]

And finally, Dragan Espenscheid sent me a really cool Microsoft Paintbrush cartoon he did about some really dumb ravers. It is awesome! Check It Out Chicky Babes [I wish Daisy Dee was still on TV - those were the days on VIVA Zwei]

Here is a sample

xx Lektrogirl

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