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June 21, 2008


seventeen, originally uploaded by Lektrogirl.

So this picture is by Paul Pieroni who runs the gallery seventeen on Kingsland Road. He is one of the chaps that I spent yesterday evening with and here I am modelling his thick woollen suit jacket looking far more sexual and self assured than he did. Sorry Paul, but it is true.

Tonight, The Cardinal and I were at Catch again for Slash. Here are a number of things I forgot happened last night until we were able to dissect the evening completely.

Paul Peroni wiped his right bollock on the face of Lady as quick as you might like in front of us all. Cardinal was HORRIFIED. I couldn’t stop laughing. I ended up putting pool cue chalk on one of my nipples and The Cardinal had my tit out crying ‘IT IS GOING TO STAIN YOUR BRA’.

So stupid.

xx Lektrogirl

June 20, 2008


Mixed with beer. Who knew what a great hang over that would make? It definitely was a potion that removed all pain from my neck and shoulder allowing me to vibe along to R Kelly [My mind's telling me no.....] until this morning when I’m a crippled WRECK.

Here I am a 100% Babe Hair Babe so totally in love with myself I can’t even look at Paul Pieroni. We had been to this exhibition at his gallery, seventeen, earlier.

Where the Cardinal and I had made this. It was great. Other visitors to the gallery saw it and were adding bottles like they were supposed to. I supposed no-one saw the value in the art there and it has been swept away. But whatever.

We bumped into Jenny Jenny in the street who was more than happy to pose with Lady. The Cardinal bought Lady from Nathaniel’s new shop on Hackney Road full of the most amazing stuff.

See! Amazing! Jewellery, Clothes, Buttons, Music manuscripts, calligraphy practice, Gypsy Recipe Cook Books… all sorts…

And last night was the first night I met Phil. I mean WHAT A TOTAL BABE. [Not The Cardinal... I mean Chipstix Phil] His pictures on Facebook to date have not done him justice. He really is a handsome man! And so funny!!!

“Rambo” in a lonely pub

Giving birth is a Playa’s Game.

Anyway – last night was major jokes and my body hurts too much to detail everything.

Paul Peroni definitely not fooling anyone.

We are SOOOO sad that Single White Female [DIAF] hates us.

I’m feeling so rough now and want to lie, cry and die right now I have to go. I will leave you with this beautiful Andrew Sisters song to reflect upon.

Thank you Captain Morgan.

xx Lektrogirl

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