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June 24, 2010


Last night with Iris and Madame I went to a Spiritualitst church for an hour of clairvoyance.

I think we would have got more if we had given Iris’ dog Chilli a pair of scissors and asked her to cut from card impressions of our future. I got a reading about getting cold feet about things, being good with my hands, getting a new bag and that my mother was dead. Apparently I should say more than I do, that I can do more than I think… If that were true it leaves me in a real quandry – I alway feel like I move too quickly, say too much, freestyle what I do anyway. Maybe she was feeling the vibe of the person who was sitting in the same spot last week.

HOWEVER, meeting with a firm of accountants today, I was informed I am an ENFP personality type. I love all that mumbo jumbo analysis stuff when it isnt trying to be really true. I read the description of what I am though, and what Jess’ is, and we both had to say of each other that they were quite descriptive of our characters. I was a bit sad to read that ENFP’s only make up 2%-8% of the population [of people that believe in it? of people in the west that have been analysed? I mean who knows, maybe a lot of people in Papua New Guinea are actually this but they never got tested?]

I also quit Guardian Soulmates for a while. I mean, what kind of place is that anyway?

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Please read Iris39’s report on the same event at the Spiritualist church here. It is worth the click.

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