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February 12, 2008


In between the usual DIY – I just took off the kitchen door [my trail of change is spreading further through the house] and scrabbling on the floor painting skirting boards – I learnt you can check webcams on Google maps.

I really want to go here on my holiday…

Well that is how it looks today. Here is the link to the live webcam page. Check back in a week or two to see how it looks then.

Webcam webcam camping les galets - Europe, France, Tatzó d'Avall

But even I was sent there by someone else on holiday, I would still be a very happy girl. Last night with Cardinal and Pickles, I went round to Venom’s house for dinner. I made the starter, Venom did the mains and Cardinal took care of dessert.

I made a selection of ‘Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls’. Basically it was the same concept with various fillings cause as I learnt Jews don’t eat prawns cause they are pigs of the ocean and eat shit etc.

This is Venom’s dish. It was delicious. Oh and I forgot to photograph the salsa he made for nibbles – it was one of the best I ate.

This is Cardinal’s Cheesecake. She makes the best cakes ever on earth – except for the ones my Mum makes. This cheesecake was perfect in every way. Except the little crack on the side. But we ate the evidence.

I have a hilarious video of Venom telling a story about the girl who gave him the best blow jobs ever that involves some dating website pre Friendster but I have been banned from allowing it to ever surface on the internet. I was watching it this morning in anticipation of YouTubing it laughing my head off, but that was previous to the email ban I received. Boo hoo.

We also briefly discussed the Hamas controlling the Gaza Strip – I watched that show the other night ‘Inside the Hamas’ and I found it really interesting. Not cause I was anyone’s side – just that I am totally pig ignorant about political issues and at last I finally understood a little bit about the different crews battling it out on the Gaza strip. In my brief synopsis of the show which ended with “And now the Hamas are just in there hitting people with big sticks. It seems wrong.” Pickles just looked at me and said I should have a political column in a newspaper.

In other news, Fat Pat ‘Tops Drop’ is the most played track on my iTunes.

xx Lektrogirl

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