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August 17, 2007


OMG scratch what I said yesterday about deleting the one Knifehandchop track off my iPod. Woke up this morning and got a comment on my MySpace from Knifehandchop who just friended me the other day saying “Lektrogirl is number one.” So yeah yeah mate… You too… We tight yeah… Yeah?

Speaking of my iPod I put Prancehall’s new mixtape Anger is a Gift on there at work. Yeah blud safe. Big mixer. It has four Brains tracks on there. Sadly all the shout outs I sent him from Lektrogirl didn’t make it – but I heard from Brains that ASBO D was helping Prancehall in the studio – maybe that is why the files went AWOL. Even so, there are a lot of my close personal friends “in the mix”.

My hang tight bruv with a big B, Jammer is on there:


Jammer does the Toxic Freestyle I gave him the idea for. You can see the moment I was whispering it in his ear right now.

Anyway the parts of the mixtape I heard were really good – but honestly I only get as far as Jammer and Toxic and put it on rewind and figure that after that it is all Brains tracks that I know fucking over and over anyway. But I’m sure the rest is good too.

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. I got so much more to write about but I late already for work. Wow, what a surprise. OH SHIT The Shield is on tonight.

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