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March 12, 2010


Irving Miller/Bernard Simpson Illustration, originally uploaded by sandiv999.

Hobart and I are in our PJ’s minding our own business. We have made friends after the “Free leather jackets for all cats on a Wednesday” Facebook incident when she really got irked.

Tomorrow I am going to a Cake Decorating, Chocolate work and Sugar Craft fair with the Cardinal. Not really something that either of us want to advertise as it is hardly “low hand clicks” [TM Pippa Brooks when describing Card's look] or Executive Realness etc. I get the vague feelig Cards isn’t as excited about it as she once was. But I am keen to find out if there is a supplier for gold chocolate transfers in the UK that will do personalised designs for when I open my own business. LOL.

Last night I had a dream about the Mushroom having sex with this girl that in real life we both thought was totally crazy but at one point he was talking about “something something” because she kept inviting him everywhere. In my dream, he had been to Iceland and she had fobbed off her 70 year old boyfriend to have sex with Mushroom. It was deep deep snow outside. Then Mushroom was telling me all about it. And I was hurt, but kept laughing my ass off that he was with yet another crazy bitch.

When will these dreams cease? They have no baring on reality at all.

Here is some advance warning to you all blog readers. There will be some changes happening around here over the coming days/weeks. I will be moving to Wordpress after all this bullshit blogger FTP crap thing combined with the successful publishing of other blog like my food blog. Look over on the left column and click on the Cinzano glass. So maybe I am going fuck something up majorly, but only by accident. I might go offline for a bit. But I will be back.

Thank you to all the people who read this blog and have told me how much they enjoy it. I am quite surprised that anybody reads it and whenever I learn that someone does, I genuinely get a bit squirmy about all the secrets that person must know. But then within minutes I learn every secret of their lives – I have instant best friends all over the place.

xx Lektrogirl

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