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January 22, 2011


Dear Funding Body

The internet is a fabulous place, for fantasy. The internet has no rules. It is great for having dreams and realising them. Even if the reality you create is nothing like real live at all. It is a multi faceted no wheres fabulousness for the wanna bes, gonna bes turning into somebodies. Can’t sing – YouTube hit. Can’t fit in a cardboard box properly – Get your own website and a million people who love cats following you.

So, in this very informal brief I would like to propose an idea that takes real fantasy, fantastic realness, mixes them all back together. Like phasing in an audio recording, will taking more than one of these things and bringing them together cancel one or other out – things that can or should only exist in mono?

What am I talking out. Let me reveal all.

I want to bring together the YouTube greats, Bangs, R.A.E.D., and Reh Dogg and get them to sing their own version of “We Are The World.”

A controversial selection because RAED has already got beef with Bangs after blowing up on his own Facebook page. Reh Dogg, because of the three he has the most advance video and musical skills. Even offering his services to others. Bangs will cry when he see RAED inability to keep in time.

Can they work together?
Will they blow up because they do not believe in the supposed talents of the other?
Will the dreams in a different reality exist for these three men who up until now, have existed alone and masters of their own universe?

I would like budget for :
Flying all three artists to London
Hotels for them all
A recording fee for them all
Recording studio and engineer – Anthony Chapman – at The Cooler on Belfast Road
YouTube video to be shot and produced by Nick Abrahams
Documentary video to be made by Phil Thompson if he can do it quicker than two rolls a month
Stills photographer Mrs Kipling
Psychologist on set at all times
And a 10% contingency budget



Dear Readers

I realise that there are a lot of loose parts to that proposal but basically that is it. If there is someone who writes these things for a living who wants to flesh that out and turn it into something someone would actually read and consider giving money to me for, I would really appreciate it.

April 29, 2008


Fake ass people die

Well this is what gets up Reh Doggs nose. I haven’t bothered to check up on him lately but I have to say I really love this video.

Now, I will tell you what gets up my nose:

1] the improper use of the term ‘manic depression’ and all it’s derivatives/applications. [Alex T - what is the proper way of saying what I want there?]

So to make this clear to everyone, technically speaking, you don’t mean what you think you do when you go on about being ‘manically depressed’. Manic depression [apart from being a frustrated miss, just ask Jimi Hendrix] is a psychiatric condition marked by alternate periods of elation and depression. The ‘manic’ part actually refers to the intense elation.

2] Getting hung up on. It drives me INSANE. To the point of storming over to someone’s house and pounding on their door to finish what I was saying at one in the morning.

xx Lektrogirl

August 20, 2007


Does anyone else think that track 15. Mavado – Wah Dem A Do (Dexplicit Remix) sounds a bit like Reh Dogg?

xx Lektrogirl

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