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May 14, 2007

Really my worst nightmare!


Last night I had a real nightmare! ASBO D was smooching with me in my old room at my mothers house. But they way he was kissing was horrible – he just was pressing his lips over my mouth and not moving and I couldn’t breath. Then he was trying to feel up my tits in front of my mother. Fortunately I realised I was just dreaming when in the dream I had something in my hand that didn’t feel at all kosher – if you get my meaning – so I knew I didn’t have to be embarressed in front of my Mum. But please I don’t think I can handle another dream like that. It really freaked* me out.

xx Lektrogirl

* I don’t mean “freaky” with a Rick James / any Dance Mania kind of interpretation. I really mean it like The Blair Witch Project.

Just to cheer myself up. But OMG – I never saw this video before. I don’t think there is a lot freaky about a chinese girl flicking her witches hair around like a horses tail.

Let’s get Rick James in this room, totally wacked out on whatever, singing with these freaks. Also note – what an awesome mix on the New Dance Show in this clip!! Booyah!!

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