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December 10, 2009


Hot Christmas!

Musique: Projet de compilation “PARDON MY FRENCH” (“J’ai Toubon”)

xx Lektrogirl

March 28, 2007


1] POUPÉE FLASH – Première Class
Language: French

This song is from a Belgian group in 1982 and it is incredible. I got my copy of the 12″ from a guy called Rico in Brussels. I have been in love with this song for a long time. Then I decided with my band, The Fonts, to cover Poupée Flash [Shiny Doll]. You can hear the cover of the song on The Fonts MySpace page. Look out from the aditional bugged out rap by MC Tighty Whitey. He’s really smuggling plums.

2]TUERLICH TUERLICH [Sicher dicker] – Das Bo
Language: German

The summer this came out I was spending a lot of time in Hamburg. Das Bo is from Hamburg and Hamburg is my home by heart. Last time I went back to Germany to DJ apparently my friends Ralf and Booty Carrol were saying over a hair cut like “Oh it will be so good to Lektrogirl. And everyone will know Lektrogirl is in town when she plays Tuerlich Tuerlich at that moment in the party.” Everyone was disappointed I didn’t have the record with me…

3] G’DAY G’DAY – Slim Dusty
Language: Australian

My mother woke early every day of the week. Every day she had the same routine, go to the kitchen, put the radio on, put the dishes away from the night before. On Sunday’s the radio show was “Macca on a Sunday Morning” and a track that got A LOT of airplay was this.

Language: French

This is neither a video of TTC nor TTC playing in the background of the video. But I found this clip while searching for UNE BANDE DE MECS SYMPAS on YouTube. Phillipa Cardinal shows the TTC track some face when she is DJing. She’s cool. And hot.

5] VAMOS A LA PLAYA – Righeira
Language: Spanish

This song transcends the language barrier and united millions on the dancefloor with sangria in their hand. Now you can watch this Spanish mega hit sung by two Italians subtitled in Dutch.

6] C’EST COMME CA – Les Rita Mitsouko
Language: French


7] A track by Supermerka2
Language: Argentinan

8] HYPER HYPER – Scooter
Language: German

Look I know he he is saying words in English but really – no-one speaks English like that except a German. And let’s not pick at hairs here – Do you really understand what the fuck he is saying?!

Well, this list is by no means exclusive cause there are a gang more I would like to include. But this 8 will do for now.

xx Lektrogirl

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