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August 8, 2011


What makes you want to wreck your own environment, ruin your neighbours business, fuck up all the bins / phone boxes / buses that service your area, act like a stupid cunt etc?

I remember once when my exhusband and I were still doing Lektrolab and part of a project in association with the Christian Marklay exhibition at the… ?… Hayward? Barbican? something we were giving different types of workshops in different schools. We did a really cool one up in North London where kids were making artwork inspired by cassette tapes and hacked walkmen. We also did some in South London where we were told “If you can at least get the kids to engage in the session you have achieved something.” They were just dj workshops. I was totally ignored as the stupid dumb Australian uncool girl. Paul was revered for being American and having an authentic STL woolly and could juggle records. At one workshop, as soon as we opened the lids on the turntables, everything got stolen – needles, slip mats, headphones, everything they could. We just had to tell them that we were going to “Turn our backs so we can’t see anything, but when we turn around again, every has to be back in its place or we have to just cut the session and we were leaving.” It worked. It actually turned out to be a pretty cool session. Usually it did though I have to say. Except for the other one for this thing at the last school. Three of the kids left early and pitched a rock through the second story window of the studio we were in at about Paul’s/my head. Not so fun. But why would you do that?

The nice story out of all of this is the Turkish community on Kingsland Road coming out to protect their business and their neighbours businesses. Not sure I agree with baseball bats but then why are more people like that? Out to take care of the community.

One of “my girls” (a younger girl at work) was evacuated from her home this evening because she lived above a mobile phone shop on Bethnal Green Road. She was terrified. The shop was destroyed and robbed. So in times of shit I cook something. I made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. I hope that they will be okay when I heat them up at work tomorrow for everyone.

And I hope all those stupid rioting cunts accidentally lock themselves inside a giant room together with no windows and are left alone with their own thoughts and logic for a while, have to put up with each other, see what happens in their without their phone chargers. The rest of the world would like a break.

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