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May 9, 2007

Home Again.

Home again and feeling very weird. My ears are totally messed up and my balance is gone. Today I went flying after tripping on a stone or the pavement or whatever and landed on my side in front of two black women and their kids. The women were saying “Sorry! Sorry!” to me and I could help but think “How bloody British is that for them to apologise!” I blinked back the tears and told them I was fine. But you should see my knee. Awesome brusing.

So, here are some fond memories to share with you from my trip home:
A common sight in any store that plays loud music.

In this video you get to hear my mother who was filming the kids. Apparently Chloe didn’t hurt her head a bit even though she did make contact with the wall.

My trip home also gave me 100% “Babe-Hair” [a term courtesy of Pippa Brooks]

Here Sam was taking my portrait.

I was also lucky enough to be present when Sam used the F word for the first time ever.

What a bogan.

It is clear that Brains missed me a lot. As soon as he got to my appartment after work he said “What’s for dinner?” As I was pretty out for the count, I made him organise it. And besides, I still haven’t forgiven him for this:

I also heard about this ‘amazing’ sounding town in Tasmania called Rossarden. Rossarden is the crime capital of Tasmania and all the most hardend crooks have gravitated there and totally run the town. Nobody wants to drive through there and even the cops avoid it. It is a one road in and out kind of town. Apparently, the locals of Rossarden decided they didn’t want the local shop any more so they burnt it down. The petrol station was also unwanted to that was burnt to the ground too. A few locals were forced to leave, and those that wouldn’t go, were buried six foot under.

Tonight my friend Gijs is in town. He makes amazing web projects and circuit bent stuff. More about him later if I can make it out to dinner tonight.

xx Lektrogirl

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