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June 22, 2010


were really really great!

I hope this video has decent sound quality, doing this on the fly.

September 21, 2008


I know lame lame lame

Too much to tell you all about but meltdowns all over the place. Even celebrities were not having a good day – Chris Moyles [?] in the Palmerston left his wallet at the table and had to come back for it. Everyone except for Russel Brand who walked passed CafĂ© Mozart today with rather relaxed hair. Maybe he was having a bad hair day? I didn’t think of that. How was your day? The Cardinal heard she may have to wear Coffee or Strawberry bridesmaid dresses [visions of Neapolitan ice cream anyone? Enough to make anyone turn Muriel's wedding if you ask me.] XXCENSOREDXX’s true colours turned out to be less Over the Rainbow and more yellow this weekend – such a loser. I woke up this morning feeling super sad for about half an hour but then realised that all that heavy heart was gone gone gone like I’d Cillit Banged myself.

Anyway got to go to bed now. Busy week. New boots. Martin Margeila. J’ai mes regles etc.

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