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March 14, 2010


Strike me luckyI remember the 48hour week. Befor your time kiddo and then the Unions got the wek back to a 5day week, LUXURY, MATE, SHEER IDLENESS FOR ALL OFsATDY, sUNDY, tHAT’S IF YOU CALL HOLDINGTHE BAR UP FOR MOST OF THE TIME. fAGS WEREONLY 11PENCEĀ  a packa twentyPLAYERS and beer threepence a pint, AND YOU HAVE TO WORK five DAYS PER? wHAF does poor little FAERAL DO IN HER LONELY HOURS? I’M DEFINITELY LOSING IT , MATE ASNOTED BY THE INTRUSION OF THE cAPS lOCKQuite hot today,24degrees ‘C’ Milk intolerence is a curse. Trus me.Thank goodness for hot showers!Cheers mate, Sunday is such a boring day. Dad. XXXX

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