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November 2, 2007


Last night went out and had fun. I dont have to be at work today until 11am so that is an added bonus. We saw some band at Yo Yo that were pretty good. They looked like a Swedish gamboy band, except they made electronic beats and then this guy did ’soul house’ singing over the top. I bet he really loved Dane Bowers when he was younger. I couldn’t help but think that Nameless would shit himself to be in a band like that. Also, we saw Koffi who modelled for us at Katharine Hamnett for the SS08 collection. I’ve been wetting my knickers over him ever since.

Here is Philippa looking smug. It was Koffi’s birthday at midnight and he is French so there were kisses all round.

I got a lecture last night from DJ Venom that I am actually 100% prime quality gash for any B-Boy and I could have any guy in the place, except there is one area letting me down [I was thinking 'my arse', 'my glasses'...] which in Daniel’s opinion is my shoes. He explained it very eloquently as “Guys are such nerds, all they look at is the feet and in a place like this your shoes just won’t do. It is either the tits or the shoes and you don’t have any tits.” Apparently he went and bought some new shoes recently because he needed some new ones. He really liked all the shoes that are available for girls in all the “pretty colours”.

Here are DJ Venom’s feet. Perhaps there is something in what he says because look at all the wet marks on the floor. That is from random gash where girls have rushed him to get his number because of his shoes.

I spent the rest of the night pointing out the shoes of every girl in the place. The only girl I saw with remotely B-Boy Gash shoes was a tiny Japanese girl in a woolley who was a girlfriend of one of the break dancers. And after he did his dance thing with some other “brothers” or whatever B-Boys call each other, they just sat in the corner.

The only people who seemed to be getting any action of note last night were these two:

Physically, they were responding well to anything a bit reggaeish – if you get my drift. Not a sneaker in sight though.

OMG = ‘celebrities’ we saw last night were Sean Paul, Kellie Osborne, Amy Winehouse and Kevin Federline. I’m an expert at that game and it seems Philippa has an eye for it too. Another reason to love her so much.

Anyway – I will note Daniel’s comments. It will be hard to try and wear any of my existing styles out because I really hate the the thought of getting a single drop of anything on the shoe – Gucci leather fur lines high tops, Nike valentine’s day high tops [ahhh good times with Nameless in Hamburg.] But next time I go to Yo Yo I will try his theory out and try better sneakers.

xx Lektrogirl

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