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March 3, 2008

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I am not really A complicated man to some . Im A hard worker , and I like making good money . But money is not everything , but it is A good access to A healthy life style . As long as it is earn honestly . But nothing beats the love of A good honest hard working woman , although in these times it may seem hard to believe that such A beautiful female really exists . I hold dear the faith an belief of GOD and his loving scripture when it comes to his females . I ask him to send me the best he has . But as we all know , no one is perfect . So I try to work with what he sends me . My faith is strong . There are so many beautiful ladies in this world. Who are each so beautiful in there own unique way . Its always fun , interesting , or sometimes wild, meeting A new person. I never find it dull.Although I’m shy and some what withdrawn. I do have A passionately wild and loving nature. Its all good, I just love to admire the female form. As for me , Im living my life in A comfortable fashion. I totally trust and believe in GODS holey scripture . GOD is all loving and understanding , so I feel good about it . No , Im not A whore monger . I like to deal with one lady at A time . Just want some one to love, and have them love me back. In my free time I do A little surfing on the web , mostly to check my E-Mail and to catch up with my friends . And maybe A little shopping . I have my own exercise machines at home so I can avoid those big smelly crowds at the gym . I also like spending time with my little dog OREO . He is not exactly the type of dog that I wanted . Really smaller then Im use to . But he was A birthday present . And he really grew on me . He left his little foot prints in my heart , so now he is apart of me . Im mostly A free spirited person . Who can be wild at times and there when you need me with A kind heart and A loving soul I have a great love and affection for all my family members. And I love them with an open heart and an open mind. The love I share with my family has taught me how to love and accept my friends and my loves with an open mind and heart. And this is good, as long as they accept me in the same way. And in the same rhythm I dont take no stuff off of losers & haters ether .

I’m Male and Single.

Chino, US

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A bit more about charles_bro_cool…
Hometown: Inglewood
Occupation: Home Care Worker

Interests: I enjoy Bike Riding, Going to church, Reading A good book, Going to the movies, A healthy fetish for ladies who wear pantyhose and skirts or dresses, Road trips to the beach and other places. Dinner clubs, dancing, good conversation. I’m not much of A drinker, but I may have one with the right person and some good conversation.

Favorite Movies, Stars & Directors: Drunken Master 2 [1994] / Psycho [1960] / Pulp Fiction [1994] / Batman Begins [2005] / King Kong [2005] / The 40 year old virgin [2005] / The Craft / The Return of the Pink Panther / Richard Pryor- Here and now / MASH / And so on

January 22, 2008


As I go through the piles of random stuff I have stored away in all sorts of places [rent books from when I lived in the homeless persons unit paying 6 pounds per week rent, passport photos and flyers from parties I DJ's at around Europe for example] I have had some wonderful things to think about in my head from – and I’m sure it will suprise many of you – the incredibly spiritual DJ Venom.

Just now he hit me up with an email:

“Philippa’s the brunette Cat Blanchett [sic]. Discuss?”

I could only reply that there was nothing to be said cause it is true.

Last night I was asked “Describe Prancehall.”

The only response I could think of was “The best thing to happen to UK Grime in the last two years.”

Jo Mitchell also phoned me so we were able to discuss in detail Denzel Washington in the movie Training Day. Her favourite part is at the beginning where Denzel flicks all the switches in his car for the hydraulics and Dr Dre comes on the sound system. I prefer towards the end where Denzel looses it a bit and cried out into the ghetto streets “King Kong’s got nothing on me!!” [I wonder if he ad libbed that part?]It is interesting perhaps to note at this point that Rick Ross also refers to his crew as gorillas and there is also the INCREDIBLY SPIRITAL cry R. Kelly makes in his song “Snake” – LIKE TWO GORILLAS IN THE JUNGLE MAKING LOVE !! Totally sexual spiritual vibes.

Anyway this line of conversation referencing big strong men and gorillas leads me to another Denzel Washington movie which I caught the end of on TV last night. WOW! Unbelieveable. I can’t be bothered to get up and find the Heat magazine with the name of the movie in it. But it was about College football in a time where racism towards a black coach was more overt than it is today [maybe]. There were some monkey “jokes” in it and Denzel even threw a banana. But basically good triumphs over evil though someone ends up in a wheelchair in this movie too.

xx Lektrogirl

December 17, 2007


Well at least I have found a real computer now that my phone has really died. I am so tired and my whole body has swollen from the long flight. I have my first chance here at the airport to look around and see what Australians look like again. They look really weird. Do I look weird? Do I look Australian? Well I’m not Thai, Chink, Viet, Jap, Tongan, Iti, Greek or any of these Australians. I haven’t seen any black people = only islanders.

I have two weeks to learn


xx Lektrogirl

December 9, 2007


Last night Booty and I kicked back at his crib and watched a DVD he had bought at Lidl starring Denzel Washington. Through this whole movie we were both transfixed by the script, the narrative, the charactarisation. The whole thing was tantamount to a spiritual experience. Even though I’m a true believer in Wesley Snipes I have to give some creds to the Denzel. It was such a convincing portrayal of a man gripped by seeking revenge that it was like watching a documentary. Passionate.

Speaking of spiritual experiences I fell asleep on the sofa before dinner listening to Kontakte by Stockhausen. It was pretty good. It was nice cause I was so sleepy and everytime I got to the edge of sleep XXCENSCOREDXX laughing would come into my mind and I was imagining what it would be like to kiss him. The best dreaming ever.

Speaking of men, I had another rendezvous here with a guy I have been in contact with a lot via email. Sadly it didnt turn out to be as fun as the one with XXCENSCOREDXX the other night. This meeting ended up being a long story about a saxphone that covered two continents, family members, old friends, the yamaha music website and even though I said ‘cut to the chase’ it was unfortunate cause the story still goes on. Then the man I was with went on to tell me about a time he was so drunk that he was telling a mutual friend of ours he didnt like her boyfriend and should try with him and really she is so beautiful etc… She was only a few seats away at the table. I didn’t really feel in the mood for the vibes after that.

Last night I had better luck with the waiter at the restaurant where Viktor, Booty and I went for dinner. Tony couldn’t keep his hands off me and was calling me ‘Beautiful Emma’. Well state the obvious mate, but at least he was making an effort.

Things with nameless seem to be improving. Conversations are not always about who is such a cunt or who has to do what for something else to happen. I got an SMS from him I guess he was still in Uniqlo saying he couldn’t buy anything there cause it is all made in China and even thoough I’ve explained to him how different mark up systems work and making profit where there is no wholesaler he still said ‘this cashmere jumper is only 39 pounds. Who has paid the price for it to be that cheap? (refering to the workers in China) I’m going to try Smedley tomorrow.’ I was so proud.

More later. Still so much to tell from Hamburg.

xx Lektrogirl

November 25, 2007


God, there arent’t as many videos made like this one by Etiquette 13 any more. AWESOME!!

And I am totally obsessed with the hip rolling guys!! AKA “{Dance/Fan Pg}DEM BOYZ can get U(_)U FILL IT N’s” I’m not quite sure what it mean’s but that is who they are. My favourite one is called Killa J.

And I have a new affection for T-Pain I didn’t know could be possible. And he is such a weirdo to sing with the Cher voice.

xx Lektrogirl

October 16, 2007


This is my cousin Lucy in Thailand chilling at her crib. Don’t mess or she be throwing shade. This is REAL GOLD. You get me?!

xx Lektrogirl

October 13, 2007


And for a change, here is one with some Sheilas in it.

It would be cool to see people London crews – like Real Gold or something – making videos like this.


Here is my latest exhibition that I have curated online called “I’m Not The Only One”. Someone in my office was on the phone to someone in another office and the girl my office was telling me that the person she was talking to in the office had a friend in his office that was looking at nude pictures of me on the internet. Good Times.

If you are into these pictures, you can check the whole profile for as long as it lasts. I really love them a lot.

Ramiro goes to nudist beaches. But he never came back with stories about a view like this. It was always about seeing other men’s assholes.

Speaking of assholes:

I still adore this picture of Paul. Hey, HOT TUB HARRY!! [private joke]

xx Lektrogirl

August 27, 2007


On the weekend, my friend Bitch Ass Darius makes a regulated bipolar power supply for his new synth.

It makes me wonder what I did at school all those years.

xx Lektrogirl

August 20, 2007


Oh wow and then you get to work and there is an email from my good friend Drx and he never fails to cheer me up!

xx Lektrogirl

August 11, 2007


I can only imaging what bullshit was coming out of Seb’s mouth at the time. Now girls hold onto your panties cause I’m sure it was something totally spiritually sexual that would take you to the special place.

xx Lektrogirl

August 9, 2007



Faggatronix are an awesome DJ tag team – Bok Bok and Manara. They have a new mix out now which I have been listening to at work and at home – and I would in the car if I had one.

brand new hotness


01 * ? – set your body free [CROOKERS remix] / DJ TAMEIL – i smell pussy
02 * L-VIS 1990 – change the game
03 * STICKY – dr who
04 * FAGGATRONIX – broken promises
05 * DND – got myself together
06 * THE OUTHERE BROTHERS – wiggle wiggle
07 * UNKLEJAM – lova ya [HERVE remix]
08 * DIZZEE RASCAL – stop dat [BOK BOK's SE5 refix]
09 * STARKEY – noreaster riddim
10 * ACID JACKS – mookie
11 * STICKY & GAPPY – inna da dancehall [D&G mix]
12 * DROP THE LIME – come 2 life
13 * FLO-RIDA – birthday
14 * CROOKERS – aguas de parco
15 * LIVE O – dirty skankin
16 * DJ ASSAULT – kill the bitch
17 * DEXPLICIT – good for me
18 * DROP THE LIME – big malice
19 * DJ TRAJIC – 1 2 3 4 all the ladies on the floor
20 * I ROBOTS – frau [BOYS NOIZE remix]
21 * WES FIF ft B.O.B – haterz everywhere
22 * J MIXER – let it all go
23 * H20 – what’s it gonna be ft Platinum
24 * T2 – salsa
25 * Keisha Tara Shonda Sabrina Crysta Daronda Theresa Felicia Tenisha Sha’von Monica Monique Christina outro

July 29, 2007


I’m meeting Philippa today at The Palmerston today at 2pm for anyone who is interesting in coming along to give me a shanking. I consider I have a good chance at survival cause I am very near the Whittington Hospital. Philippa is hilarious and I have to remember to ask how her syphilitic cat is. But if one day Philippa turns on me I need to be prepared and this leads me to one of my new online photographic exhibitions I irregularly curate. This one is called “People who look like they would make nice friends I found on Flickr [because at this rate it looks like I'm gonna have none.]“

And my second exhibition as advertised:

If you didn’t realise that you could view the exhibition by clicking the logo, you can also click here

is a label I have used throughout my blog for things I consider to be truly profound. Please take the time to check this tag to view such amazing posts as “Baddest Nigga 4 Ever” [Snoop Dogg and muscular black men], “ME ON THE RADIO”, “TOTALLY SEXUAL” [really incredible YouTube videos of hot men dancing]and finally “JUST AN ILLUSION” [the YouTube video for the best song ever which ALSO has a magnificant video! Cannot be missed!!].

So check out cause it really is totally just like the label says.

xx Lektrogirl

July 27, 2007


June 24, 2007

What Day Is It?

Oh Man! So I’m awake now and I really wanted a cool chill out weekend with a lot of rest. Next weekend I’m in Paris with Pippa and that will take a lot of energy eating cake. Etc. Max is also going to be there too I think. He will want to chew the fat. But I don’t want to do that. Pippa and I planned to check out Fifi Chachnil but I don’t think I can stand Max’s tourettes whilst doing that and also the £1200 for the ticket to Australia for Christmas burnt a hole in my… soul… Anyway where was I?! Okay so on Friday night was the Extreme Animals show at the Old Blue Last. I like that pub a lot and think it is great for “traditional” bands, DJ’s and MC’s but not the best for making a big gay sweatbox – which I was definitely in the mood for. But many very very cool things happened though, which resulted in this:

Thug Missus

Daniel ASBO D kissed me right on the mouth in front of Prancehall when I said hello. It was a total moment. My knickers couldn’t keep it all in. Prancehall won’t let me take pictures of him any more. It doesn’t matter. I still have a lot of old ones I can post and make stupid jokes that I don’t mean and totally offend him with…

The Incredible Hulk

Philipa promoting the 7Yeezie / DO IT! party featuring DJ Assault

After the sound check, Philipa, James, Jacob, David and I all went and had dinner together. James was being the Alpha Male all night. But that is okay cause he is doing some design work for really big cosmetic companies right now and I’m sure his office is like full of girls walking around in bath robes getting facial treatments and bikini waxes. Philipa and I were trying to calculate the number of beers she could drink to stay under the legal limit cause she had to drive the drum kit back again. We had a good time at dinner with a lot of warm converstation and friendly laughs.
I wish we had invited these guys along. They would have really helped keep our positive vibes buoyant.

Brains, Easychord, Thugly.

Oh no – hang on it’s okay – Brains got loose.

Paul and Paul

Silverlink and Paul came.

Cassetteplaya came.

The Extreme Animals came.

And with the rythmic wild congo style deep from africa spiritual drumming of David:

Jacob got naked:

Silverlink and Brains got sexual and demanded Carrie and I perform a Booty-Off with one another:

And with the out of control vibes rising I spiritually raped Jacob:

And the whole night ended in a fried chicken orgy back on my sofa bed at 2AM. We listened to Mo-Do and all fell asleep.
xx Lektrogirl

P.S. Also to note XXCENSOREDXX and XXCENSOREDXX are hating on XXCENSOREDXX right now cause they feel like XXCENSOREDXX isn’t being a good enough friend right now. There was some major air pie around.

P.P.S. Also, XXCENSOREDXX writes gossip as their main job. But XXCENSOREDXX is the first person to give me grief if I write something here that XXCENSOREDXX doesn’t like. XXCENSOREDXX’s justification is that the people I write about are people me and all my friends know which is personal stuff. Maybe I have ideas about my station and I think that me and all my friends live in our own celebrity stratosphere, but are celebrities people too?

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