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March 21, 2010


I’m to start thinking about superfluous hair ladies and gents! Last week’s weather was so fabulous that I felt rather disappointed that today didn’t feel such a waste screwed up on the sofa with a rather hairy little Hobart chilling and watching episodes 11 & 12 of Flashforward that has started again. The WORST SHOW EVER and Joseph Fiennes is really shockingly bad. Still – LOVE IT.

Of course, a day on the weekend does not pass when I don’t give something a go in the oven.

Today I made a green tea and white chocolate cake inspired by someone else’s that I didn’t have a real recipe for but I made it up anyway. All in all a fair effort BUT not as banging as the green tea macarons. Tomorrow, I am going to give a green tea pavlova a go. Yes folks you heard it here first. With whipped cream and chopped nuts on top.

But for now, it is back to the sofa to the HUG A THUG zone.

April 23, 2009


Vogue 1944 , originally uploaded by myvintagevogue.

What a lovely few days, I have had bare legs every single one of them. Some man stepped on my foot last night in Soho though and left a nasty bruise but never mind.

I have been neglecting my blog I’m sad to say – computer tan vs sun tan?

BUT on the other hand, when there are gems like Mr Ibu on the internet doing the Biggie Biggie rap…

And there is this one “I’m Not Stupid” that cannot be embedded. COOL.

xx Lektrogirl

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