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March 11, 2010


Well I failed at suicide the last two days – mainly because I was too exhausted throwing my teary self into bed, crying more, wanting to die, thinking about Hobart on her own, crying more and hating the prospect of having to live because I am so in love with my cat but feeling nothing but emptiness inside.

On the other hand it turns out to be not such a bad thing as some drinks at The Haggerston with Tsouni who says ‘HOW ARRRE YOUUUUEWWW?!’ like a regular American its pretty cute and P-Dogg & J-Dogg. Tsouni; Eli & I had some really amazing graphic conversations about strip search, cervix exams, worm, armpits, anuses, dreadlocks etc. So captivating! I wish I could blog the images in my mind while we had that conversation. I was in heaven. Does heaven have a capital H?

I came home and the cat who is a recently confirmed pescatarian – who ate a saucer of rocket last night if you please – left the most pungent malodourous turd in her litter tray ever. She’s staying on the straight craquette diet and thats it.

Xx lektrogirl

November 23, 2009


1. Janitorial supplies

Please mention any shortages to Elizabeth, the cleaner from XXXXXXXX. We supply all toilet paper and hand paper towels. Have you checked the storage cupboards in the larger toilet? I refilled the larger cupboard just two Sundays ago so I would be surprised if there is a shortage. If these supplies have been exhausted, Elizabeth can obtain additional supplies in our ground floor or basement storage rooms. Whilst I do ask XXXXXXXX to ensure that all dispensers are refilled on a daily basis, it would be helpful if one of you could just remind Elizabeth when you next see her.

You are quite welcome to purchase additional supplies but I would not agree that these should be deducted from the cost of the extensive supplies which my firm provides.

2. Intercom

I had mentioned to one of your colleagues when I was briefly in the Shop last week that I was surprised that I had not been informed immediately in respect of your intercom fault. As I am primarily abroad, it is important that you advise me as soon as your intercom fails as this is on such a regular basis.

All of the other floors are functioning although the position of your temporary notice has blocked half of the speaker in the intercom which has reduced the audio capability for your neighbours.

I suspect a new handset will be required and I have asked both of my intercom contractors to advise. In terms of timing, I would not expect any response for about a week as neither contractor is that keen to work on the new system as it has proved so unreliable on your floor.

As I have invested in excess of £4,000 in installing the new system and trying to repair it, I am cautious to just throw another £1,000 or so at it. Somehow, the 3rd floor continues to be the only floor with difficulty.

3. Heating

I am pleased that you are happy with the heating system. One of your heaters had a missing fuse which we have replaced for you. There was mention that you wanted one additional heater fixed. This would require the removal of a cabinet and new wiring. If you want to do this, I would suggest you either contact my contractor direct or have your own engineer do this work at your cost.

4. Roof

I have checked the new roof on the back of the 3rd floor and incorporated additional insulation. It is now in a far better condition in terms of insulation than before. The only other option would be to completely replace the roof with an alternative system. I continue to notify my roofers on a daily basis in respect of the issue and hope they will visit shortly.

5. Facilities in kitchen

As the kitchen is now a shared facility, I would ask you to remind all your colleagues to keen the kitchen tidy at all times. I am surprised that despite there being two cleaners working on this area that it is frequently a mess with crockery left to dry on the sink and accessories for the dishwasher left lying around. Whilst I do clean up the place most Sundays, I would ask you to try to keep the place tidy.

In addition, I often wonder how you dry anythings washed in the sink. Do you want a regular wish for teatowels to be supplied?

6. Invoice for 3rd and 4th floor dilapidation work

I will be issuing my firm’s invoice in due course for the 3rd and 4th floor work in line with the agreed budget and remind you that full settlement has been agreed by 31st December.

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