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November 1, 2007


Cardinal and I taste tested her local pub The Lord Stanley last night instead of dressing up and getting drunk at The Real Gold party. I wonder how it went? I wanted to go as a tattooed bearded lady from the Freak Circus. And wear my “new million dollar boots” boots.

From the dayglo colours of our food, I wonder if the chef was even getting a bit in the spirit of Halloween? It is a nice pub though with a high level of good looking men who look like they have interesting lives. Unlike the St John on Junction Road where the half done roast potatoes gave both Philippa and I serious stomach problems. [Never Go Back...]

As we walked in the general direction of home from The Lord Stanley, we bumped into these beauties waiting for the 390 bus.

One of them is called X lady lippy X.

I walked all the way home and after passing through the assualt course of teenage boys with Scream masks and baseball bats, boys dressed in Reebok tracksuits letting off fireworks and the odd “sexy witch” I bumped into all these girls again at the mini mart over the road from Tufnell Park tube station whooping it up with the bottle of Smirnoff Ice and Cherry Lambrini. What a party!

Here is my Halloween song dedicated to the North London Girls who were out on the lash night:

And I hope the Lord can save you all this morning like it saved Cliff Richard.

And when I become a better lesbian than I already am [I only scored a 12 on the Lesbian test on Facebook!!! NOT GOOD] I’m gonna get really drunk and dance around to this song – this is going to be MY SONG…

I didn’t even know it until today!

xx Lektrogirl

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