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July 20, 2010


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>  From: John Davidson <XXCENSOREDXX>
>  To: Emma Davidson
>  Subject: RE: mostly hobart
>  Sent: 20 Jul ‘10 04:25
>  Don’t know what Hoby is lying on, but it looks loke a tie? She and I
>  have the pattern in common. The pattern on my tea mug (Dilma tea of course
>  plucked by Virgin fingers on the tea plantations on Ceylon? I was on Celon
>  once on my way to AUS, went down to MOUNT lAVINIA, for some dopey reason
>  and whilsi enjoying the tranquility og the oceanic view a cow sidled upto
>  me, it was rear-end first, and emptied its friggin bowels all down my
>  strides and shiny shoes. So I gave it a hefty kick up the arse. Talk about
>  shite hitting the fan. a mob of irate Ceylonese gathered and threatened me
>  with all sorts of punishment? H.T.F. was I to know that cows were sacred
>  animals. I realy upset some prat who spoke English and therefore understood
>  my aside, “We wouldn’t even eat that underfed, skinny bastard in England”
>  I think half the small gathering crapped themselves, probably saying a few
>  words to their Cow God?  I gave myself the old Ace.King.Queen.Jack sign and
>  retired quite quickly.
>  . I was working on the Himalaya at the time, a PASSENGER SHIP OF GOODLY
>  So all I could do was go back to a guiness or two and sundry proposals of
>  marriagefrom the willowy members of the crew, No wonder I jumped ship in
>  SydneyIcould regale your reader with furthe tales from the trip to Aus and
>  the eventual punishment for not paying your fare to Aus. The Judge was a
>  Chritian soul. H sentenced me to 21 days in Long bay jail, for breaking
>  ship’s articles Justice Murpphy. He was looking kindly at man who had done
>  pretty well during my 2 years evading the police and port authorities
>  looking for a psuedonymned Irishman with the assumed name of an IRISH
>  GUARDS MATE OF MINE FROM tHE Scots Guards Armoured division in which I
>  served during the war no 2, One Michael Patrick Byrne.  God helpus we ‘d
>  have drunk more Guiness in a night a Christian could have baptised the
>  bloody division of Guardsmen in!
>  Cheers my darling daughter. I am trying to win a lottery again so I can
>  afford to spend the last days of my life in the best city in the world. Luv
>  Yer Dad. and you you furry ferret little ponce. Jonnno.XXXXXX

April 18, 2010


Every day there comes a moment where you find yourself in a very deep spiritual moment with your pet. I hear it all the time from fellow pet owners. Obviously, even in the olden days they did it – these two are so close I’m not even sure where the dog tail ends and the scarf begins. It is a love that is of course not normal even though we all do it. So intense. And not at all embarrassing…!!!

My flight to Hong Kong / Melbourne / Hobart [the city] has been delayed because of volcanic intervention. I can’t say I am not a little bit glad because I get to spend a little extra time with Hobart [the cat] in the lovely London sunshine. Shortly I am going to make some macaroons. I asked Hobart if I should make a cake and she gave a kind of small weak miaou. Then I asked “macarons?” and she went crazy. It is great to have a live in Spiritual Advisor. Then Dora the Ignorer comes once a week and we talk about other stuff like immigration, stupid people and money. This week I got to see pictures of her Mum Abena and her 5 children. I have to tell you all, TALK ABOUT BABESVILLE.

Anyway to get formalities out of the way – sorry Beniah Brawn – I don’t know why I can’t post directly to this blog from Flickr cause I could before and I can on the Lektrotour Food blog. I hope I cover all necessary post backs for you here.

If you want to find out who this lady really is and where she comes from, check Beniah Brawns amazing Flickr stream here.

April 5, 2010


Hi everyone I am back from Berlin. It was a great time and I met loads of interesting people and had a lot of strange dreams surfing on Berliner sofas, ate brain by accident, discovered Cynar Sours and because of an oversubscribed flight home got €250 and took a Lufthansa flight instead. Right now though I am so tired and think I have a sore throat coming I will tell you about it tomorrow.

In the meantime, sweet dreams from The Sandman who I ran into on the 16th Floor.

March 15, 2010


Dad by me

Me by Dad

This was when I was 20 and Dad was about 67.

I am really looking forward to going home and seeing him. Apparently he fell over again the other day cause he was trying to get from his arm chair to his bed on his own and his sock slipped on the floor. But, there is already drama before I get there because my sister can’t find the time to come to Hobart to visit while I am there with the kids and has ‘told’ mum that Mum and I will have to get the bus that takes a couple of hours up to Devonport instead. Part of the reason why I am going is because Mum is having a hysterectomy. Oh well. After flying 24 hours at great expense to see Mum and Dad within 4 months of the last trip what difference is a bus trip across the state gonna make? It isn’t like I might want to rest and do nothing for a change is it… And I mean, Mum might just want to be on the sofa for a while…

January 28, 2008


I didn’t dream about food last night, but rather the start of a relationship with in inappropriate man. However while painting over the weekend, I did spend a lot of time thinking about restaurants I have eaten at around the world. One of my top dinners was at this place in New York called Doyers. It is a Vietnamese restaurant on the edge of Chinatown. In fact, down a side street, round a smaller street off that and then down an alleyway. It isn’t the most pleasant looking area and the streets, after a busy day of market trading were really stinky. Standing at the top of the stair case, I did have second thoughts about going into this basement restaurant cause I really had no clue what it would be like and with jet lag I wasn’t feeling super brave.

BUT WOW I WAS SO GLAD I MADE IT! There are 100’s of items on the menu – so what to choose?! There was mountainous plate after plate of food going past us to the tables of other diners and I was trying to match up what I saw with the menu in front of me. I was there with Paul – he tried to order the Vietnamese vegetarian crepes but we were there late and they wouldn’t turn the griddle on. Instead we tried the fried Spring Rolls that came with a salad and massive garnish of mint. I had a green papaya and shrimp salad – shredded papaya and halved shrimps topped with mint, coriander and peanuts – enough for three as a starter. We drank beer and Vietnamese coffee and moved onto tasting a Vietnamese sour soup. It is a thin vegetable soup with tamarind, pineapple, bean sprouts, tomato and oriental mushrooms. I ordered tender diced beef, stir fried with onion and served tons of watercress. The beef came with a special dipping sauce made of lemon and pepper. Even though I was already stuffed full it was one of those dishes where I couldn’t stop picking at the plate. We had way too much food but all of it was so fresh and clean tasting. Our whole bill came to $30 and was worth every cent.

If you like Vietnamese food go here. If you like adventures go here. If you want an I LOVE NY tshirt get at fake one from the depths of Chinatown for $3 – don’t get sucked in and buy one from Little Italy, just one block away- they are $14.99 there and then you can spend the money you save on an extra course at Doyers.

Oh and here’s a map cause you are gonna need it.

DOYERS VIETNAMESE RESTAURANT 11 Doyers Street (Chinatown), Manhattan, NY 10013 +1 (212) 693-0725

xx Lektrogirl

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