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April 19, 2010


From: XXCENSOREDXX@hotmail.com
Subject: Brain MEAT? pIOTTA!
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 11:26:56 +1030

Brain meat? Farkin cannabul’?ible? bal? I think it should be cannible? but it’s a long time since I nibbled at a bit of human meat!
Strange yor mother liked lamb’s brains. Eating her own I used to tease her. At least you may be Australian but you can’t blame Tasmania on it?. The more you tell me of EUROPE, loNDON PARTICULARLY the more Iam convinced IV’e wasted a good 60 years of my life, except siring you’se two. At least you and feral? I hasten to add feral is not thresult of a dalliance of mine with Cat Woman. Couldn’t stand the furry tail swishing around the place.
Wish that bloody volcano would go awy. Might be months before they will allow flights out of Londinium?. I’LL BE IN ME 86TH YEAR.Ow old can you get/ Cheers little mate, and give feral a poke in the furry place from me. Luv wx yer Old pot an pan.XXXXDad
Keeps on telling me to se4nd again to overcomespammers. so you may get it 10 times or more,

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