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September 13, 2011


From: Mayor of London [mailto:mayor@london.gov.uk]
Sent: 13 September 2011 17:01
To: emma@hellobonjourwillkommen
Subject: RE: MGLA110811-5912 I have never told you before, but this is what I would like to happen.

Dear Ms Davidson

Thank you for your correspondence concerning the riots in London.

The Mayor is grateful to everybody who has taken the time to write to him with suggestions or comments on the terrible events that took place. Whether it has been to voice support, raise concerns, suggest reasons why it happened, or ideas on how to prevent this happening again in future, it has all been welcome.

As I am sure you can appreciate people have been very vocal, and rightly so, but as a result the Mayor has received a larger than usual volume of correspondence. Please be assured that each case has been read and he has been kept informed on the issues raised. However, it therefore makes it impossible for him to respond to every one in detail.

We can come back from this, we can rebuild and repair the areas worst affected. Indeed, the Mayor has already announced a fund to help do exactly that. We must acknowledge the tragedy of these riots and learn from them, whilst at the same time recognising the good that there is in London. This was shown by the widespread support during the various clean up operations, and through the help and encouragement given to local shop owners and individuals who have been so badly affected.

We will now take the time to reflect on and review what has happened, and the subjects you have raised with the Mayor will form part of that.

Thank you again for writing.

Yours sincerely

Anita Xxxxxx
Public Liaison Unit

Am I being ungrateful? I think this letter is really lame, doesnt speak to me as an individual, does not address anything about why it happened – only what happend. And whoopie do!! It is nothing to do with him with the widespread community support – that has been used here to pad out what has been done like he thought of it. The Mayor didnt think of it. People did it.

Please correct me if I am raeding this wrong. I am so disspointed.

In other news, Glenda Jackson wrote to me to thank me for writing to her about Trident. Did I? I dont remember unless I signed a petition for Katharine Hamnett backed when I worked for her in 2008. So I think not – surely that is too long ago? Oh no hang on a minute – my letter has been stapled on top of another letter – identical to mine – except it contains all her personal details – and then stapled after that is son long report in letter form – pages – that I never requested. Oh dear. The Goverment have failed me miserably in the postal front as well. They cant even get the basics right – HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH PEOPLE. No wonder they cant get a job and have to get themselves elected so they can embezzle funds etc to pay the bills.

Last but not least, here is a little picture to cheer up my friend and partner in crime Valeria. She knows why.

July 16, 2008


Jo Apps sang this tonight at Hot Breath Karaoke at my request. It started something deep inside of me. Which revved like an engine fuelled by double Frangelico’s [my own plus the ones for Mr Chips cause he didn't like his mixed with coke] and the 2-4-1 Cocktails. I fucking changed gear by the end of the night when this came on:

And by the time I got home, Mr Chips has told me to “Fuck Off” and I was sobbing down the phone to The Twin “Ohhh my God I don’t know what I am going to do!! His eyes are too close together!!!”

Already my hangover is starting to knock on my door. I am by no means sleepy after sleeping all day and not being able to sleep all night from coughing the last few nights.

Perhaps I should take the advice of the The Twin and just go to bed…

xx Lektrogirl

[P.S. this is sounding pretty tragic isn't it?! OJ LOL]

OMG and on a random note – Denzel Washington! I feel just like him when he is an alcoholic in that great movie – fuck what was it called?! I can’t remember but I wrote about it before on my blog. I watched it with Seb in Hamburg. It was INCREDIBLE.

June 17, 2008


Hey everyone, I have to say sorry. I’ve been lying flat on my back for the last two days with the sorest neck muscle spazz out since days. The Cardinal came over with bread, three cheeses, prossecco and pain killers. Oh and an Old Jamaica. She also brought her new R Kelly record over ‘Why U Wanna Play Me’. Tears of joy. Silverlink, my doppelganger (I mean LOOK at us both – tall, shaggy hair and glasses), has kept me company online with chats of cake, coffee, ganache, macaroons and praline. And now in bed all I can manage is to type this for a few minutes while watching a repeat of Law and Order SVU.

Please put up with me until I recover, or get a real soya latte from Milk Bar – whichever comes first. OH COOL! Real Life FBI files on telly now.

xx Lektrogirl

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