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July 5, 2010


Vanessa is back and she walked past my desk and told me I looked good in green. I told her that I have been wearing green ever since my fashion consultant and spiritual advisor Tenly Wong met with me at the Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong. Vanessa just took one look at me over the top of her glasses and said “Oh come on. He didn’t predict you were going to get buggered by your friends did he!” So trying to brush sand over that one I said quickly, “Tenly Wong did tell me that I am going to be lucky finding love over seas!” To which Vanessa replied, “Yes I suspect he was trying to point you in his direction…”

That old bird, she can’t miss a trick that one.

I have made it very clear that I will not be taking 20 magic mushrooms any time soon, but if I was given the lime and the coconut to drink I certainly would. The magic potions I have been drinking lately have come in the form of the palm, face, bone and Chinese Astrology reading from Tenly Wong, a visit to the Spiritual Church where Margery in polyester and pearls apparently fluffed it all from the other side and finally I spoke to a telephone psychic the other night [who I have received previous council from in the past and her comments all came true.] And of course my weekly council from Dora.

I also have a ceramic tile painted with an Indian man’s face that I use for Fashion council when I don’t know what to wear I go and ask him what to do. And there is the Spiritual Family that Valeria found for me in Brittany that hangs on the wall – some old clog maker and his two wives [as I imagine them] for just general day to day affairs and they take care of me without me having to ask anything of them.

Am I mental? I like to like in bed at night and imagine the jungle with the window open hearing the birds and the wind in the trees. If I am mental, bagsy go to the Muppet Witch Doctor first…

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