Tuesday, 31 July 2007


So, after watching CSI, I've looked onto AIM to check who around can confirm that it is Nadia Kasaiba in Heat magazine's SPOTTED section, reading Heat, with Peaches Geldof. You can't see much of Nadia's face, which is a shame cause I think she is way better looking than Peaches [don't get sad Peaches, I just prefer brunettes]. I remember watching Bob Geldof on TV talking about tripping when he was in the Boomtown Rats and seeing a nail on the wall and wanting to smash his forhead onto the nail and feel the coldness of the nail in his skull and being glad that he didn't do it. Anyway, so I was trying to find out if Peaches Geldof is a knob. My source tells me that "Peaches Geldof is just an 18 year old." I heard they only want you when you're seventeen and when you're twenty one you're no fun.

TECHNOHEAD: I wanna be a hippy

I just looked at Sultans of Ping videos on YouTube but they were too painful to post.

MC TUNES AND 808 STATE: Tunes Splits the Atom

In this era, British fashions were amazing. If anyone knows what MC Tunes is doing now, do tell. I can only image that he was stinking of cigarettes and beer at this video shoot cause he looks like he should and he is doing that thing that reddy haired people do and wear a lot of khaki colours [while he crushes punks like pimples - looks like he was a professional in his teens btw with his complexion.] And just for your personal interest, I can actually spit this whole song. I didn't realise I remembered all the words. I'm a winner me. Once in Paris with DJ Guy we were so drunk we got on the mic and he started ranting about someone called Bumhole [he didn't realise that actually is was Bobmo] and I started doing Ice Ice Baby and forgot halfway through the first line. But I'm good at that one. Then we got bored and played football with a discarded scrunchy and the goals were spotlights on the floor. What was I saying about 18 year old's being knobbers? I take that back...

xx Lektrogirl

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Blogger Alex Tea said...

Yeah it's definitely Nadia. If you want to see more of that sort of thing you should come to The Residence Gallery on Friday for the Private Prop Private View.


1 August 2007 09:33  

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