Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Even tho' Mosaic is closer to the post office and isn't so far to go if the queue is out the door, these things always remain they same and you should never go back:
1) the coffee cups don't have holes in the handles - you can't hold the cups properly
2) the coffee doesn't come out with burn marks in the crema at archgate over the road - the coffee machine runs too high here
3) this place has too many weird chicken sculptures
4) the eastern european gangsters are always in here going 'blah blah fuck fuck fuck blah blah' down the phone with their fat heads and bad teeth
5) there are a lot of middle ages women drinking coffee on their own. I am at the dawn of this image.
6) i typed all that on my phone and the coffee is still to hot to sip
7) i love archgate much better. Particularly after the owner asked me if nameless had turned gay.

xx Lektrogirl


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