Saturday, 17 May 2008


I am about to nip out and get some number 2 drill bits in an attempt to child safe my flat for L'il Money's visit as of tomorrow. She is worried I can't speak Danish or Swedish and I'm worried I can't speak Danish. Fortunately her father can speak both Danish and English so everything should be cool. I'm really looking forward to it. Though I really worry about the time Venom broke the Babycham glass - you know how slivers of glass can turn up mysteriously months later no matter how many times you vacuum.

Before I do go out I just wanted to say I really didn't think I had any shame on the Internet and I often talk to my friends 'Blah Blah whatever I just don't care about what people can find about me on the Internet... I've always had a personal website since 1999 it's all like NBD blah blah' like Miss Big Tings. I thought I would feel embarrassed to have a video circulating of me singing, or my Dad send me an email about my boobs on Flickr but no. There is an Achilles heel tho' - MY RECENTLY LISTENED TRACKS ON LAST FM PROFILE. If someone really wanted to have a go - at any level - I would suggest going through there and having a really good laugh. Ed DMX was right when he said I have the worst record collection ever and it is looking that way with the MP3's as well. The other day when BDL was having brunch, I was SO ASHAMED by some of the music that come on iTunes.
So if it is any consolation to anyone who has felt over exposed by chatter on my posts perhaps take solace in the fact that as long as I'm scrobbling I'm paying my penance - and for that reason I am obliged to scrobble for eternity.

xx Lektrogirl

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