Monday, 2 June 2008


Drinking in the sounds, originally uploaded by Michael O'Neill!.

When I review this picture taken at the party at the Macbeth on Friday night, it is no wonder I spent the whole weekend in bed / on the sofa watching CSI DVD's and avi files. I have finally seen the conclusion to the cross over episode with CSI and Without A Trace. Jack Malone is SUCH a jagoff.

Anyway - this picture not sure what I'm wearing but I thought it was a great idea before stepping out that night - kind of a pseudo dirndl vibe - but after a night of action and sambucca shots [JUST FOR THE RECORD I DON'T ACTUALLY LIKE SAMBUCCA] I looked a bit creased and less angelic as the sun came up. Not as bad as some I hear who woke up in a pool of blood. As I left the Macbeth and walked past the school there, there was a couple who had jumped the fence I'm guessing for some trespassers sex or something - but all I could hear was a girl saying "Ouch this is laddering my tights!!" If anyone round here watches Law and Order we all know what happens next: they realise they were fucking on a dead body.

Anyway let's change the subject to something less gruesome. It was the twins birthday last week and judging by Pippa's Flickr page, the boys have gone for a big boys haircut at Cuts in Soho. Duke had been asking for a haircut like Samuel L Jackson.

And he was super-pleased with the results. I would be too if I looked that cute after a haircut!

xx Lektrogirl


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