Thursday, 20 November 2008


I'm at the place where I usually have dinner when I have nothing else to do and there are usually just lonely old men here. Tonights there are loads of people in shirts and v-neck sweaters of both sexes.

A guy started messaging me on Facebook. He has a smiley face. It has been a good distraction at work. I have passed the details on to the Cardinal for review - she is a top quality web researcher (stalker) and if there is anything more to come up with other than his own website, Flickr and his gaming review profiles she'll find it. Fuck - what if he finds this and thinks I'm a weirdo? Well better sooner rather than later I guess.

How I roll:
Off to Zurich next week and off to Stockholm again two weeks later. Maehahehah... Let's see how much trouble I will get into. Also Val n I are getting pics together for the next Faund magazine.

Oh dinner is here. Laterzzz

Xx Lektrogirl


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