Sunday, 1 February 2009


Boy in 'blackface' make-up, originally uploaded by Beniah Brawn.

Grandfather Lady always has the best old photos in his collection on Flickr. I LOVE all the homoerotic ones too. And the ones of grumpy children.

So cold today , OR WHAT??!! I went and met Beautiful Alex at Goldstein's today and Pippa took us along to the Cake Hole. I had a latte - which they had the nerve to serve me in a BAKED BEANS MUG WITH ALL THAT BEAUTIFUL OLD CHINA IN THERE!! HORRID. I WAS MORTIFIED! and a scone with strawberry jam and cream. So good. We had the twins with us and Joe looked the less crazy one for a change as it was Duke that was dress in his Jedi costume. Anyway after telling Beautiful Alex about men who jizz into plastic bags, she dropped me off in town and I went to Foyles to buy some books in French and some new cookbooks. I am preparing for the Lady Gang dinner on Friday the 13th. So excited. Oh and of course - so close to Milkbar and needed a chicken, cranberry and brie toasted sandwich. And oh no... I spunked more than I can afford on a Marjan Pejoski cape made of silk and tulle. What can I say?

Here is a picture of Pejoski that doesn't have my cape in it, and nor is it even the same collection as my cape - but the dress he is holding is pretty banging - and i do have a shirt from this collection but it isn't the reason I'm posting this picture. Look at his little tummy!! I have a thing about tummies... I don't think much of the knee patches though.

I have to go do my French homework now.

xx Lektrogirl


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