Saturday, 27 February 2010


Tonight, I ended up at BANGFACE making anus jokes with A4 in my work clothes. I'm at home now with my favourite love kneading my Christmas Ham stomach of course as happy as anything, drunk - we started with the G&T at 3.30 today with the Saint Honore I made for Troll's birthday - wondering what it would be like to have a 2 minute fumble in the stationery cupboard after all the talk of creases and papercuts and one does (or at least I do. I'm sure men do. Maybe there's something wrong with me?) and tomorrow its Mrs Kipling's taxes (they should have never revealed her face in the ad's!!) then brainstorming with Covvo and then Sunday it's The Architects taxes. Don't you want my life? Errrr - sadly I love organising things. Except I didn't enjoy having to sort the 2 years worth of mail I had left unopened inside my front door.

Tralalala what a rambling stupid post.
If I thought about it I should have said about the video Jess is schooting for Ceephax. Uggg. Tired now. Night night.
Xx Lektrogirl


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