Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Today was burger lunch, G Detout & Mora - two kitchen supply places, Astier de Villatte (full of rich Americans and two more of my two goblets.) Left thinking 'save the money for Darys' cause who knows what kind of piece of bijouterie I will find in there. I got the bitchy red head - avoid her at all costs. She makes any simple request a misery. each time I have been in there and asked for something and the shape of a Rat she said 'We don't have any rat jewellery' and with persistance I have left each time with something ratty. This time I couldn't be bothered with her and after the 'No Rats' I left thinking I will maybe come back to look at A de V again and try and get the brunette. Off to Angelina and totally macarooned out. Especially as they weren't all that. Back to Stalingrad hideout for a post sugar nap, dump the madeleine tray and think my next plans.

Xx Lektrogirl


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