Sunday, 7 February 2010


Dora The Ignorer, originally uploaded by Lektrogirl.

Hi Everyone

I just want to introduce you to Dora. She is on the phone, she doesn't have a crook shoulder. She was on the phone to her Pastor [the nice one]. There was a Pastor from Ghana who phoned her later over a little bottle of oil that she didn't even want that he said she owed 2 million for [Ghana money] and he said he will curse her and he she thinks that she is powerful but only Jesus is powerful but he will put a curse on her. Then he ran out of credit and had to hang up. We laughed. Then Dora got on the phone and rang this man in Ghana. I swear. I NEVER want to fall out with Dora.

This picture was taken before I spilled a kilo of flour all over her while we baked together. I showed her how to make genoese sponge. I made one and it stuck in the tin. She ate the whole thing, handful by handful in one go while it was still warm.

She doesn't always wear that wig. Her sister did it for her. [Not her real sister - just like Joe who called from Birmingham is not her real brother although to have a real brother who went to The Netherlands to buy a Hummer to sell in Ghana in the Summer probably wouldn't be bad but Joe is not a real brother cause he is only a friend of an Aunty who is not even a real Aunty.]

The conversation she was having with the nice Pastor here in London was about a white couple who separated and the man got custody of the kid cause the woman is a "drunka".

xx Lektrogirl


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