Monday, 4 June 2007

The Boss-Walker Sisters

I went to Art School back in Tasmania and I there was this guy that I had this on off thing with called Leewarra Wright. Only when I wasn't going to sleep with him, he ended up going out with this girl called Coliote Boss-Walker. Well I don't know how to spell her name properly because we all called her Clip Clop or Horror Head. And she had hair a lot like Dee Snider. In fact, she would dress up to go out a bit Goth with a lot of make up and she would end up looking very much like Dee Snider. Leewarra would be dressed in hotpants and Doc Marten's through that phase of his. Clip Clip's older sister was Charlotte. Charlotte was in my year and in some of my classes. Lee ended up banging them both. Only he didn't know I new. I only found out when his friend The Chief who used to go out with Andre Valentine [who dressed like Ian Astbury from The Cult] took me out to an all night Bruce Lee movie marathon and revealed he had been in love with me for 5 years. Hux [The Cheif] is an awesome dude. Anyway - Nice and Tight Jackie White [who went out with The Rimmer - Jim Rimmer] and I would gossip for hours. And my lady friend was Elissa Fuglsang. Her father runs the most successful Funeral Director's in Hobart. I miss her. We used to have house parties and all take a death bag or long necks.


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