Sunday, 3 June 2007

Brains' pics from Trader Vic's

Here is the birthday boy ASBO D. He was co-ordinating everyone's arrival via mobile. I was feeling very spiritual and cosmic about birthdays and things and had a lovely time at the party.

Bok bok contemplates the cocktail menu while the Mehune woman and the Potted Parrot get it on in a tall glass. Bok bok's girlfriend Sara shares my passionate views about R. Kelly. She also wishes people wouldn't go on about "In the Closet".

Prancehall orders off menu and gets this glorious Strawberry Daiquiri. Later on the evening I started some esoteric conversation with Prancehall about homeless people and how I have no patience for beggers, the KLF who burnt a million pounds and other such things. Long.

Is that Pippa Brooks?

Paul's Hot Buttered Rum.

xx Lektrogirl

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