Thursday, 24 May 2007

Personality transplant

God and there I was thinking I had no life. Check this out:

I have to say that before I met Prancehall, I imagined him to be a bit like this dude who made the video. I am wrong of course, and Pranny is what is termed "Internet Thug". I don't know if he has ever played Spyromania, but I have. Though my favourite is Crashbandicoot.

Oh this is a fucking awesome video with the flickering screen!!

Wow - this guy spends a lot of time playing Crash. Artist!

Anyway to sit here and watch cheats and videos of Playstation games isn't the most loserish thing I ever did. Once I did a comparative impersonation of an ink jet printer vs. a laser jet for Pippa and I was deadly serious. She hasn't let me forget it.

Oh and one more thing! This is from when Katharine met George Bush.

Katharine doesn't need a personality transplant.

xx Lektrogirl

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