Friday, 29 June 2007


I'm going to Paris tonight so I'm gonna miss it but ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GONNA BE THERE - even pregnant JoJo! I'm totally gutted. Even though this rave has the worst flyer I have ever seen in my life [no - this is the second worst actually. The worst one was a party I was playing in Holland. It was for micromusic and had a picture of Boney M on it for some reason with all smudgy yellow and mustard colours on it... anyway...]

It is also impossible to read. So here is the email that has been going around:

This Saturday 30th June, from 10pm, in a warehouse in Hackney WickYou are invited to
in the Olympic zone, Hackney Wick.
This is the last party in the Olympic zone before the opening ceremony in 2012! From this Monday morning the whole area is being closed for the next 5 years. This is your last chance to get inside “the zone” and LOVE the industrial wasteland which is being razed to the ground to make way for the Olympic wasteland.This is a once in a lifetime opportunity come or you’ll regret it.The dawn seen from the stairs of this building is very, very beautiful.

Entry: £2.50
Drinks: Very Cheap

Music: Silverlink, Brains, Thugly [7 Year Glitch], Faggatronix, Skull Juice, GM Baby, DJ Klose One and more...

Here it is:

Get there by: Overground to Hackney WickDLR, overground or underground to StratfordBus S2, 276, 236, 30, 388, 26 to Hackney WickBus 158, 69, 257, 276, S2, 308, 25, D8, 108, 241, 473, 262, 238, 86, 104 to Stratford

Get away again by:Night bus N26, 236 from Hackney WickNight bus N8, 25, 69, 108, N86 from Stratford

Call one of these taxi numbers (list will be available at venue door on exit but put a couple in your mobile phone now):(020) 8555 8888, 8555 5555, 8534 6464, 8534 5359, 8519 5555, 8525 5950, 8986 7000, 8533 9992, 8533 2000, 8985 7261, 8985 8500, 8986 4074, 8525 4630

I know it will be difficult, but have a good time without me!

xx Lektrogirl



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