Monday, 25 June 2007


I got MySpaced today from a journalist I was interviewed by back in the day. He wrote some funny comments in his message and reminded me of a weird thing that happened to me one day at work when he cut and paste a transcript from the interview.

Him: Anyway, I think I came off as a schmuck in the interview we did so sorry about that! Here's a bit of the interview anyway:
Me: "but then there is just general crap you get when you are a woman. i walked to work the other morning and the office where i work is in an area of london where there are a lot porn shops and hookers around. a guy was standing in the doorway to where i work. i asked him who he wanted to see in the building as there is a security code for the door and you can only get
in by ringing a buzzer. the man followed me up the stairs into the building on the pretence that he was maintenance for the building. we got to the top of the stairs and it became clear he actually thinks i am a prostitute.
fortunately there is a second door with a buzzer up the stairs that i can slam RIGHT IN HIS FACE."
Him: I think I asked a few stupid you sorted me out a bit :(

The building on Brewer Street where I used to work was so wrong. One year after Christmas holidays I came back to the office and the door was ajar. The corridor stunk of piss. On the wall was writting in Bic biro "The whores on the first floor will rip you off!". The toilet on the landing had the door smashed in and stunk of shit. The lights had been smashed out in the corridor. And the air was clinging to your lungs. It was so creepy. It turned out the prostitutes were clipping in our office block doorway. So much was odd there. I've overheard rent boys discussing business with respectable middle aged men from the inside of the door. I hated waiting for people outside the door of the office cause men always stopped to ask how much. The office where I work now is much nicer. But I really miss Soho.

At work this morning one of the girls showed me the most awesome video she had on her camera - MISS DYNAMITE dancing on the weekend in someones front room with some blonde girl. Just like totally casual, but getting all weird as soon as they realised they were getting filmed. Miss Dynamite did her community service at the end of my street. And I've seen her in my Doctors waiting room before. Both times I saw her in the neighbourhood her hair looked AMAZING and she sparkled.

I have no songs in my heart today to share with you. I just had to go and have an intervention with a friend to make a big change in something that was turning to serious shit. Things are back on track now, but I felt bad having to do it. And only good things will come of it.


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