Monday, 18 June 2007

Early 90's Australian Pop


I have had this band EUPHORIA on my mind for like ages now - but I couldn't remember the life of me. I thought I would be easier to trawl through the internet that have to call my sister and sing all the songs to her. We both used to dance around the house to this. And Drx will totally choke - this song even has a SAXAPHONE solo. I hate the saxaphone. I like REALLY hate it.

The ugly woman with the brown frizzy hair was the main vocalist but in the first #1 single Love You Right the blonde one lip synced all the way through. Which was bad cause it happened at the same time Milli Vanilla got caught out. I didn't give a shit about that - I liked the songs anyway.

Melissa - Read My Lips

Can you remember clubbing back in '91? Those two tone jeans were soooo cool. Down in Hobart we would hear all these stories about Three Faces and Chasers [two cool clubs in Melbourne] and I imagined everyone was dressed like that.
Anyway, this song was pretty hilarious as it was easy to sing along with your lyrics - but offensive. I mean instead of "Read my lips" it was "Suck my clit" etc etc. Melissa also had an incredible song called Sexy is the Word.

Collette - Ring My Bell

This wasn't my favourite one of hers - I preferred ummm... hang on Wikipedia... All I Wanna Do Is Dance but there is only one video of it on YouTube.


Not only is this an awesome rendition of So Excited by Dannii Minogue when she was still in Young Talent Time but also some of her fashion designs on show! Dannii actually designed a range of clothing for K-mart as I recall.

So folks, these are the hot Australian fashions in 1987.

Speaking of hot fashions from 1987, here is the video PaperRad and Paul made in Ireland. Jacob is coming to stay on the 20th and I'm so Excited. Just like Dannii Minogue! I need some Vapoorize! [Did you see that on TV last night?]

xx Lektrogirl



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