Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Sabrina: Boys Boys Boys

Sorry about that - it is not Sabrina at all but a cover version by the Cheeky Girls which in some ways supercedes the original cause it has the rap. And the dude in it for some reason reminds me of Silverlink. If he got a hair cut...

Sabrina: Sexy Girl

There was always one gay club running in Hobart. At the time I turned 18, it was "La Cage". A stone cave with red glass candles on the table and every so often through the evening, a plate of cheese and cabana was taken around the room. I went here for my 18th birthday and the DJ, Peter, dedicated this song to me "This one is for Emma... You sexy girl..."
I'm pretty sure Roxy will slap me to say I was watching this video and said "Sabrina is dressed just like Roxy!!"

Sabrina: Guys and Dolls

This is the best Sabrina song ever. It includes a saxaphone solo, and those that know me well know that saxaphones only belong in the background of bachelor pads in banking adverts as a room prop, but Sabrina's knockers are so big I can forgive her. It looks like she was trying out some new dance shapes here as well. In this video, there is really an Pete Burns / Dead or Alive look going on here. Compare with the video below:

Max can tell some pretty incredible stories about Dead or Alive - he knew them back in the day and could have gone to Japan as a dancer but he was too young and his parents wouldn't let him.

Max could have been one of these guys climbing the fence!!

And Silverlink could also be Pete Burns here without a hair cut! Woohoo!

Anyway - if you want to borrow any of my Sabrina picture discs or gatefold sleeves or look at the fold out posters you can't. Also, if you wan't to look at every single Dead or Alive 12" I have you can't either. Today I'm tired, crappy and selfish and even left work in a bad mood.

Thank God for Sabrina's bouncing puppies and Pete Burns pre plastic surgery - they always put me in a good mood. None of the brap brap stuff.

xx Lektrogirl

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