Sunday, 6 January 2008


Some parts a bit boring but mostly BRILLIANT

While you were all still asleep in bed nursing hangovers of giant proportions [I wish I had gone to the Louis Enchante Real Gold thing at the OBL...] I got up at 8am this morning to start my tiling project. Oh what larks! I didn't realise that the adhesive was going to be like spreading a mousse like pate [same colour] and not some plasticy shit that I thought it would be. It was super fun!

I still have to put the grout in between the tiles, but that will have to wait til next weekend. You can see the really annoying shit part in the corner where the walls are really crooked. Other than that, I am so thrilled with my work. Venom reckons he is gonna come around and check my work. I challenge him to bring a spirit level and catch me out. My mother told me that tiling is so easy a moron could do it. Someone else told me it was really hard and they offered to give me 75 quid to stop me from doing it myself. I'm pleased enough with my work that I could start charging other people 75, drink all their tea, stink of cigarettes and leave a sloppy egg and beans grog bog in their toilet for my work.

Yesterday was a little more elegant. I met Abbie and Lee at the Camden Arts Centre on Finchley Road to go and check out that exhibition curated by that guy Steven Claydon who was in Add N to X. The exhibition is called "Strange Events Permit Themselves the Luxory of Occuring." As we sat in the cafe afterwards waiting for our salad and what was claimed to be the best coffee in North London, I said "Well thank God we didn't have to pay entry into that exhibition." The others agreed. There were one or two good things. There was a really boring movie about a Memphis "Carlton Bookcase" with two industrious art students taking notes. Abbie was trying to psychically will me out of the room - she wanted to see who out of the pair of us would buckle first. It was me... Although I love Memphis design and always have. It was really popular in Tasmania about 10 years later... LOL. You can see heaps of it in design everywhere there. Even in Melbourne Airport there is some mural thing which screams Memphis. Anyway...

Covvo. She had peppermint tea which they didn't get wrong at the cafe. But as she noted it was only a tea bag in water.

The one thing I liked was an oil painting by Francis Picabia from the 1940's. It was a figurative painting. There was a woman in seams stockings and black frilled tulle knickers looking like she was climbing into an embrace with a wooden African fertility statue. The seams on her stockings looked like the seams on a pastie. I can't remember the name of the painting. I tried to Google it but to no avail.

Later that night we went to Ping Pong for dinner.

I don't know why I ordered these, but I was craving them when I saw it on the menu. There is something weirdly Australian and 70's about the combination of chicken and pineapple in a little pie. They were great! However, Ping Pong has nothing on Alan Yau's restaurant Yauatcha. [WAG1 - LOL - that works on so many levels for me...] Even though the prices are way cheaper. Three of us had dinner there on Sunday and it was I think 45 quid. Where as at Yauatcha it is more like 45 per head. And the cocktails at Ping Pong are def not as good.

xx Lektrogirl

P.S. Covvo has the Prada phone!

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Blogger Lee said...

my prada phone sux

8 January 2008 15:52  

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